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When solution(A) added to a pellet (B) during

DNA extraction and after centrifugation the pellet
-What is solution(A) and Pellet(B)?
What the function of the following:-
-Pico dye
Justify:-Presence of freezers with different
temperature (4,-20,-40 and -80 C ) in molecular
What is a DNA pellet? How can one define this
term logically and scientifically?
*This refers to the mass of DNA at the bottom of
the centrifuge tube after you do a DNA extraction.
*DNA is insoluble in ethanol, so when you add
ethanol to a mixture containing DNA, the DNA will
precipitate in the ethanol. Centrifuging will leave
a 'pellet' of DNA.

*A DNA pellet is a clump of DNA that has been

precipitated from an aquaeous solution by the
addition of alcohol.
A PCR master mix is a mix of all most of the ingredients
or factors necessary for PCR to occur. The goal of a
PCR master mix is to decrease time spent in pipetting.