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HydroMassage Zones in

Planet Fitness
HydroMassage Overview

HydroMassage has been used by

doctors, spas, and health clubs for
23+ years

Members get a 5-10 minute massage

every day

HydroMassage was introduced in Planet

Fitness in the 4th quarter of 2011

New PF clubs are ordering 2, 3, or 4 beds. As of August 2012, over 100 Planet
Fitness clubs have added HydroMassage, and 200 will have it by year end.
HydroMassage Zones

A HydroMassage Zone is hands-down, the most successful way to use massage to

increase your Black Card %. With 2, 3, or 4 massage beds, a waiting area,
and relaxing spa dcor, a HydroMassage Zone transforms a relatively small
space into a showcase feature in your club.
Increased Black Card Sales

HydroMassage beds can be

used as a powerful closing tool
during presales and on new club
Gives the Black Card the extra

Members get a 5-10 minute

massage everyday

Great for sore muscles after a

hard workout

Our Homestead presale BCM% was less than 30% WITHOUT the
HydroMassage Bed, and our Ives Dairy and Hialeah presales were at
approximately 50% WITH the HydroMassage Bed being demoed.
- Scott Linksy, Planet Fitness
Impact of HydroMassage
HydroMassage is the most used piece of equipment in the club.
- Chris Kouros, PF, Montgomery, IL

Just having it in our presale location helped us sell more Black Cards.
We opened at 63% Black Card, and HydroMassage is the single
most important thing to get us to that number. We have waiting lines
with 2 beds, so well go with 3 or 4 in future clubs.
-Tanner Halton, PF Salem, OR

up to 30 minute wait times during busy days. Our sign up sheet has
150 spaces, and it fills up on Mon, Tues, and Wed.
-Michael Turner / Jeremy, PF Austin, TX

We upgraded from 2 to 3 beds, because we wanted to use

HydroMassage on tours to sell more Black Cards
-John Clancy, PF OH / PA / KY
How Many HydroMassage Beds?
Based upon in-club usage data, Planet Fitness locations with 2-3+
HydroMassage beds dramatically outperform those with room for only 1 bed.
Planet Fitness HydroMassage
Massages Per
Club Beds

Salem, MA 2 2,766

Miami, FL 2 2,908

Hialeah, FL 2 2,882

Homestead, FL 1 943

Consider your local demographics to determine the appropriate mix of

tanning and HydroMassage beds (Ex. 6-8 tanning, 3-4 massage beds).
We upgraded from 2 to 3 beds, because we wanted to use
HydroMassage on tours to sell more Black Cards
-John Clancy, PF Allentown, PA
Open vs. Closed Room?
A HydroMassage Zone is designed as a semi-private area, which
accomplishes two goals:

First, there is enough privacy and

separation from the gym floor to
make members completely
comfortable and relaxed during their

And second, there is also enough

visibility for other members walking
by the room on new club tours to
take notice and become curious
about upgrading their membership to
include HydroMassage.
HydroMassage Room Layouts

Option 1 (Recommended Layout): Option 2:

14 x 21 HydroMassage Zone with three beds, 18 x 10 HydroMassage Zone with two beds, a small
a small waiting area, and 5 entrances. waiting area, and 4 entrances.




Waiting chairs & table can be placed either

inside or outside of the room
Benefits of Waiting Area
Everything about the HydroMassage Zone is purposely done to help you sell
as many Black Card upgrades as possible.

A waiting line always creates


And when other members are willing

to sit and read a magazine or watch
TV before their HydroMassage,
people walking by the room
automatically take notice and
become curious, which helps sell
more Black Card memberships.
HydroMassage Touchscreen
Once activated by the front desk staff, the
HydroMassage Touchscreen allows members to
easily operate the bed without staff supervision.

Message windows pops-up on the Touchscreen

instructing members what to do before and after
their HydroMassage sessions.
Technical Details

One 220V, 30A dedicated electrical

outlet with locking receptacle
25 gallons of distilled water per bed;
no external plumbing needed

T-Max compatible (3A wall timer)

Add defoamacide mixture 1X every

three months

Change water / clean bed 1X every

12 months

7-day per week technical phone

HydroMassage in Planet Fitness
HydroMassage Contact Info

15395 Roosevelt Blvd
Clearwater, FL 33760
Account Reps:
Paul Lunter & Maria Lasley

Planet Fitness on-line resources at: