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The Grapes of

The Great Depression
The Great Depression in the 1930s was a worldwide
phenomenon that affected so many people.
It was a time of poverty and great struggle and the worst and
longest economic decline in American history.
There are several different factors that contributed to The Great
Depression and environmental problems that made it even
worse, like The Dust Bowl in the Midwest.
Many peoples lives changed drastically which shows that strong
family, friendships, and community relations can save your life
in times of disaster

The Grapes of Wrath is about The Joad families journey west to

California from Oklahoma during the Great Depression.
The Joads were tenant farmers and being kicked off their land.
They had to move west because of the lack of jobs and money
from The Dust Bowl.
They face many struggles on the trip and lose so much.
Main Characters
Tom Joad
Ma Joad
Pa Joad
Jim Casy
Rose of Sharon
Grampa Joad
Granma Joad
Al Joad
Noah Joad
Uncle John
Winfield Joad
Ruthie Joad
Agnes Wainwright
Trials and losses
Tom Joad was let out of prison early and joined the family days
before their departure.
Grampa and Granma died in the beginning of the journey.
Noah Joad left and Rose of Sharons boyfriend/father of her baby
left them.
The preacher got arrested.
Rose of Sharons baby was a still born but she was able to feed a
starving and dyeing man with her milk.
They met many families along the way.
The strength of women and how
they came together

Once The Great Depression happened women had a more vital

role in the family.
Ma held the family together and worked together with other
women to care for their families.
Ma knew how important it was for the family to stay together.
At the end when Rose of Sharon was going through labor Ma and
Mrs. Wainwright stuck with her the entire time.
Importance of families joining and
helping each other out
Meeting other families was very helpful.
They could travel together and share belongings.
Al Joad married the daughter of a family they stayed in a boxcar
While staying in the box car all the men of the many families got
together to build a dam when it was raining and flooding.
In the government camp almost everyone had a job and helped
each out.
Ma Joad gave some food to hungry children while staying in the
government camp.

John Steinbeck really shows the importance of unity

between families and community is and how essential
it is for survival.
It is much more difficult to survive on your own.
In my opinion community is so essential for humans.