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Our selves
Our guests
Our house
Our chapter
Training Goals
1. Define rape
2. Show and discuss a police training video that
describes a rape situation
3. Develop skills to help a survivor
4. Understand UWFs Title IX reporting and
investigation procedures
5. Discuss other ways you can help decrease the
incidence of sexual violence
Discussion Guidelines
Take care of yourself. If at any time you need to
take a break, use the restroom, get water, please
do so.
Suggested group rules
Personal experiences discussed here stay here
Recognize the serious nature of this issue
Participate fully and be open to discussion
Any to add?
Some content may be graphic
Both men and women can be victims
Non-Consensual Sexual Intercourse
AKA Rape
Effective Consent
Informed Not assumed due to
Freely given past sexual
Ongoing behavior
Not a minor Not Incapacitated
A temporary or permanent state in
which a person cannot make
informed, rational judgments
because the person lacks the
physical or mental capacity to
understand the nature or
consequences of their words and/or
conduct, and/or the person is unable
Why is it important
for fraternities to
talk about sexual
The Stats
1 in 4 women in the US
1 in 5 college women
1 in 16 college men
The Stats
80-90% of perpetrators are
35% Fellow Classmates

34% Friends

23% Boyfriends or ex-boyfriends

2% Acquaintances

Victim knew perpetrator on average for

UWF Stats
2% = 1 in 50 = about 10 of fraternity men
at UWF have been raped.

13% = 1 in 8 = about 60 of sorority

women at UWF have been raped.
Police Training Video &
Police Officer Experience Common to
Experience Survivors

1. A cop moves a 1. Every day situation

trash can turns bad
2. Dont make a 2. Overwhelming fear
move 3. Desire to avoid
3. Get on your knees violence
4. Fear of STIs 4. Fear of
5. Humiliating STIs/Pregnancy
How to Help a
How do victim-survivors
respond after an assault?
Stereotypes about victim
Fight back
Report to law enforcement immediately
Suffer visible injuries
Terminate all contact with perpetrator
Responding to a Victim-
Believe them and reassure them
Use active listening skills
Accept their feelings
Provide support without taking over
No more violence
Refer to resources
Hospital Emergency Room
Lakeview Rape Crisis Center
UWF Counseling and Psychological
UWF or Pensacola Police
How to File a Complaint
1.Title IX Coordinator
2.UWF Police
3.Tell any University employee
Understanding the
1. Complainant, Third Party, or Responsible
University Employee can initiate a complaint.
2. Intake Officer talks with Complainant, Accused,
and any Witnesses
3. Fair and Impartial process for both Accused and
4. Often conduct more than one interview with
Complainant, Accused, and any Witnesses
Understanding What
1. Reach out to Fraternity Your
& Sorority Chapter
Life for
assistance Should Do
2. Inform Inter/National Headquarters
3. Only inform those who need to know; keep it
4. Once there is an outcome, the Chapter President
will be notified

5. Initiate contact with the reporting party in any
Quick Scenario
At 8 oclock on a Saturday morning a
close female friend calls you crying. You
ask her what has happened and she
says someone came into her dorm
room last night. She reluctantly tells
you that she woke up to find a naked
man on top of her. She is afraid to tell
her parents because she did not lock
her door and believes it is her fault.
One of your close friends from a sorority on
campus asks you to go to lunch with her on
Sunday morning. You join her, and notice that
she looks a little out of it. She tells you that
she cant remember pieces of what all
happened the night before. She was with a
guy that she has been talking to recently. She
tells you that she woke up once because she
was sick in the restroom, and then again when
her friend joined her in bed. She was in and
But Most

So We
Have you ever seen
a harmful situation
where you thought
you should probably
do something but
Barriers to Action
Bystander Dynamics

Peer Influence

Bystander Dynamics
Someone Else Will Intervene
No One Else Seems to Think Its
Embarrassment about Overreacting
Is The Person Really at Risk?

Is There Risk in Thinking This?

Peer Influence
Unspoken Party Rules
Dont ruin the fun
Dont cock block
Its Not Your Business

Is There Risk In Following These

Personal Barriers
Im shy
I dont like confronting people
Im concerned for my own safety.
I dont want to end up in a fight.
Im not sure of the right thing to do.
No Matter What Your Personality..

There IS a way to
The 3 Ds
Why is it Important for
Men to Take Action?
Time to
Protect our
Protect our
During lunch on Sunday, Brother
Joe tells you that the girl he had
sex with last night texted him this
morning asking if they had sex.
She said she remembered making
out with him at the party but
doesnt remember anything after
Its about 3:00 a.m. after a pretty
lively Friday night. With the
weekend, comes a large amount of
drinking by a majority of the
brothers. After returning from the
bars, John notices one of his chapter
brothers, Nate, taking Missy, a girl
that no one really seems to know a
lot about, back to his room in the
Following a party between his
chapter and one of the chapters
favorite sororities, Mark, the
chapters Risk Manager, is the
sober brother at the event. He
notices Kristin, a freshman
sorority pledge, is wasted,
stumbling around and spilling
drinks with some of his chapters
At one of your chapters off campus
parties, Brother Tom and Alice, the girl
hes been hooking up with, head to a
room at the back of the house. Brother
Trey tells Brother Frank that he thinks it
would be funny to crack the door open
and record them having sex. He does just
that and shares it with people at the
party. He also shares it with the brothers
has an off-campus exchange with
Alyssas sorority, and it included
rounds of shots and multiple kegs.
Zach gets pretty drunk. Alyssa has
flirted with Zach for three years but
hes made her very aware that he has
a girlfriend and is not interested in
cheating on her. As the night
progresses, you overhear a bunch of
Zachs brothers encouraging Alyssa to
Scott, one of the pledges in your
fraternity is extremely drunk and
passes out after getting totally
naked. Some of the brothers write
some embarrassing comments on his
body with a marker and position him
on a blow up doll. Others take
pictures and share them on
Make a Commitment
Create a culture in your chapter that does not
pressure men or women to engage in unwanted
Support Survivors
Understand Consent
Teach those who dont get it and stand up to
those who dont care
Dont be Complicit
Thank You!
We know its a big commitment to give an hour
and a half of your time and to be willing to
volunteer to help others through a difficult

Thank you for your courage and