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Assessment Three: Blobs In A Bottle

Stewart Boyd & Zac Farber
EDGD812 Science & Technology
Materials: How it Works: The Science Behind Blobs In A Bottle!0

A clean plastic bottle, try to use 1.When you add oil to 2. When food 3. When the Alka 5. Gas or air, is lighter
one with smooth sides the water, the oil colouring is added to Seltzer (citric acid than water and has a

water floats on top of the the bottle (mixture of (C6H8O7) and sodium tendency to expand so
it floats to the top of

Vegetable Oil water because it is oil and water) the bicarbonate
the bottle. As the gas

Fizzing tablets (such as Alka less dense or lighter food colouring sinks (NaHCO3)) is added, it bubbles rise, they take
Seltzer) than water. through the oil sinks to the bottom some coloured water

Food Colouring. Additionally, water is because it is the same then starts to with them. I.e. the CO2
Instructions: polar molecule and density as the water. dissolve. As it binds with the water
1.Fill the bottle up about 1/4th (1 oil is a non-polar I.e. More dense dissolves it reacts molecule and together
quarter) with water. molecule and (heavier) than oil. with the water (H2O) they rise to the top.
This causes the blobs
2.Pour the vegetable oil in the therefore will not The food colouring is and makes gas,
(food colouring and
bottle until is almost full. mix water based so it does carbon dioxide. This water) to circulate
3.Add a few drops of food colouring. not mix with oil. carbon dioxide (CO2) through the bottle.
Watch as the colour sinks through Rather it binds with is released forming When the bubbles
the water molecule. the bubbles in the oil. reach the top, they
the oil
In scientific terms this burst, releasing the gas
4.Break your fizzy tablet in half and (CO2). When the CO2 is
  process can be viewed
drop part of it into the bottle. Get released, the coloured
as follows:  (sodium
ready … here come the bubbly water blob, gets heavy
bicarbonate) + (citric again and sinks,
acid) (sodium returning to the water
5.Use a flashlight, turn off the lights
citrate) + (carbon and settle at the
and drop in another half tablet. bottom again. It does
dioxide) + (water)
This time
References shine the flashlight this over and over
through the lava lamp while the again until the tablet is
blobs are bubbling! completely dissolved.