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Marketing Strategy

The BMW Group exclusively targets the
international premium or luxury automotive
markets. It manufactures and sells higher-
end sedans, coups and convertibles. It is
also in the hybrid market with the "i" series
of vehicles, which includes a sports car.
BMW goal
BMW operates under a corporate
policy called "Strategy Number ONE,"

to enhance long-term
value in periods of
the company seeks to be
Marketing Objective

Brand awareness is one of their

highest priority.

Show how luxury it is.

Ansoff matrix
Existing New products
Existing Market penetration: Product development:
markets selling existing products selling new products into
into existing markets. existing markets

New markets Market development: Diversification: selling

selling existing products new products in new
into new markets. markets.
Existing products New products
- Focus on distinctions based on - Offer products with proprietary
Existing marketsdistinctive design technology.
-Use of various media such as radio, - Additional: laser light, panorama
magazines, newspapers, internet glass roof sky lounge, light carpet,
and public events. and more features.
- Also signed contract for joint - Bring products with superior and
production and sales venture in newer features.
China, i.e. for BMW 3 series (Sedan,
ActiveHybrid 3, Touring, Gran
-As Western Europe, USA, Japan and - BMW wants to intensify your
other pacific region have been main feeling of sheer driving pleasure
New markets market for BMW but new market even more in future with the BMW
need to be exploited as well. vision next 100.
- BMW is expanding itself in - The market is more and more
emerging markets like China, Brazil wider ( i.e Asia, Africa and Oceania)
and India.(Series 7 and 5 China - More and new features: dialogue
and in India, BMW soon launch M3 with the driver, recognises your
sedan, M4 coupe with i8). needs, enhances your perception
and adjusts to your individual
requirements ,.