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Typography is essential in order to create a clear
example of what is expected in the drama and what is
expected in the film. Here we see there is a common
theme for all of them.

In all three examples the text is red. This maybe be a

common colour choice as red has connotations of danger
and mystery. It is also a fairly unisex colour which reflects
the audience of the genre.

The typography is also clear and simplistic, however

quite cursive at the same time.

The recurring shadowed face creates also creates

mystery as the identity of the person is slightly hidden.
The typography also usually is in capital letters for a
thriller which shows assertions and screaming. Serifs,
add value and importance to the title. E.g. Times New
This font was chosen as it represents the
story of her having gaps in life. And her
not being whole in her story. Shes quite
sceptical and has lots of unsurities. The
serifs also draw attention to this title
Angel by JuliaL

This font was chosen as it represents the

hallucinations and her fragmented
memory. The font is bold but quite blurry
so it is slightly difficult to unravel. The
way it's difficult to unravel grace & her
current living.

This font was chosen as it is quite

strange and portrays her sceptical,
anxious nature. Also how she is confused
due to the variation in caps and
lowercase & the backwards letter
Orphan (2009)
The film begins with the warner brothers
production logo however, it has been altered to
reflect the genre & plot. It changes according to
the theme of the film thus it being dark as it is a
thriller/horror. The fact its accustomed draws the
audience into the film. The buzzing noise as well
as flashing bring anxiety to the audience

In comparison to the usual warner brothers

logo,you can see how the paint splatters bring an
ambiguous aura as well as clues & insight into the
film as the protagonist likes to paint as we
decipher later in the film. Warner bros do vary their
design of logos to represent the film presented.
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