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Advantages of CBSE

over State Boards

State Board
Each state has its own state board, and theadministrative authorities are over the
educational ministry of that respective state. The educational structure, paper
pattern and even the syllabus is not the same.

It varies from one state to another. Because of differences at the base level, it is
practically impossible to compare the results of two different state boards.

CBSE is the national board of our country. The educational material and teaching
methodology is conducive tothe national interests of the country.

All the major nationalized competitive exams like JEE are conducted by CBSE.

CBSE is considered to be tougher than state boards but is more student-friendly

and interesting to study.

The boardis especially beneficial to those who wish to pursue higher education
in some Nationalized Institutions rather than State Institutions.
Advantages of CBSE over State Boards

There are some advantages of CBSE over State Boards. Here, weve listed
some of them:

CBSE is a lot more student-friendly than State Boards. Itscourse structure is

designed to ensure that students do not face a lot of pressure and books are made
interactive and interesting.

Itmakes the whole process of conveying knowledge to the students efficient and

CBSE exams are also very conducive to a positive environment forstudents. All the
efforts are taken to ensure that the students actually learn from the entire process

The papersare designed in such a way that they test how much the students have
learnt. The results are mostly favorable and very few students fail in CBSE exams.
The CBSE curriculum will definitely help you a lot if you are planning to pursue future
studies from a centralized institution like an IIT or AIIMS.

The preliminary exams for these institutions are organized by CBSE only and
therefore you all can get an edge over others if you have done your primary and
secondary education in CBSE board.

CBSE not only imparts quality knowledge to the students but also ensures overall
physical and mental growth.

Itencourages students to pursue sports alongside studies, and a lot of emphasis is

given on the physical growth of the children.

CBSE offers a lot of flexibility to the students to pursue their field of interest. At
each stage of education, students are given a choice to study in their field of interest
and there is no compulsion to pick a certain stream..
Role of JPHS in CBSE Schools in Rajasthan
JPHS has been awarded as one of the Best CBSE Schools in Jaipur. Which is giving
Efficient Result year by year. Jayshree Periwal High School, true its reputation, has not
only excelled in the realm of academics but in every other sphere of student

We take immense pride in the achievements and success that our students have
bagged in various interschool events and in the arena of sports (both at district and
national Level) as compared to other Schools in Jaipur.
Chinmay Mehta topped the State in commerce with

Divya Gupta topped the science stream with 97.7%.

Ambica Naithani, Mehal Patni and Anubhuti Jain

topped the Humanities Stream with 96%.

224 students scored above 90% in 12th CBSE.

144 selections in JEE (Mains + NITS)

24 students cleared Olympiads - Chemistry, Physics

& Astronomy.

109 students secured 10 CGPA in grade X.

46 100s in various subjects - Chemistry,Physics,

Business studies, Economics, Fine Arts, Sociology,
Psychology, PE & IP.
Competitive Exams

AIR 1 (Aman Bansal) in IIT JEE Advanced

Above 60 selections in IIT JEE Advanced

AIR 30 (Saymantak Kumar) in JEE Mains

144 selections in JEE (Mains + NITS)

4 selections in AIIMS

5 students clear CLAT.

AIR 5 (Disha Khandelwal) in CS foundation

31 students selected in KVPY.

10 students cleared NTSE stage I.


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