Using the Math Stations strategy to meet student needs«

based on the work of Carol Ann Tomlinson
‡ Centers are areas in the classroom where students refine a skill or extend a concept ‡ Writing center ‡ Anchor activity center ‡ Multiple Intelligences ‡ Stations are different places in the classroom where students work on tasks simultaneously, and whose activities are linked

There are 4 stations:
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What would the math block look like?
‡ Whole class warm-up
‡ Review station assignments made based on pre-assessment ‡ Pull a group to the teacher¶s station for a structured focus lesson. ‡ Other students work at their stations. You move around to monitor their progress when students at the teacher¶s station are working in pairs or independently. ‡ Whole class closure activity.

‡ Whole class warm-up
‡ On grade level focus lesson for most of the class ‡ Above grade level students work on an anchor ‡ After focus lesson, students refine their understanding at a specific station or through an anchor activity ‡ Above grade level students receive their focus lesson at the teacher¶s station. ‡ Whole class closure activity.

‡ Use pre-assessment data to determine which indicators your students need to cover. ‡ Collect tasks from your textbook resource, IG supplemental resources, and your own ³files.´

Teacher¶s Station
‡ IG Focus Lessons ‡ Review lesson ‡ Accelerated pathway lesson ‡ More guidance for on grade level students ‡ Addressing individual needs

Proof Place
‡ Super Source tasks that have been modeled (whole class focus lesson or Teacher¶s Station) ‡ 20 Thinking Questions ‡ Puddle Questions ‡ Groundworks

Practice Plaza
‡ EDM ³Math Boxes´ ‡ Harcourt workbook sheets ‡ IG independent practice ‡ Old files!

The Shop
‡ Use pre-assessment or formative assessment data/errors as tasks. ‡ Summarize ‡ Write letters to Mr. Fuddle to explain errors in his thinking.

‡ Remember - ³Math Stations´ is a strategy for differentiating instruction. Students only need to go to stations that will help them in mastering the indicator. ‡ Have an anchor activity center already in place for students who finish their station work, or who don¶t need to work at a station that day.

Management continued«
‡ Students do not move from station to station in a round-robin style. You determine which station and when! ‡ Build in time at the TS for you to circulate. ‡ Spend a week modeling the type of work found at, and the expectations for each station. ‡ Collaborate with your team to develop tasks for review, practice, and enrichment.

Trying it out« think BIG-start small
‡ Call EII for help at your school! (Gail, Melanie, or Kristi 301-279-3163) ‡ Don¶t worry about perfection. ‡ Try one station at a time. ‡ Use stations only when the strategy will help you differentiate your instructions. Not all units work! ‡ Model, model, model

60 Minute Instructional Block: Day 1
28 students in a heterogeneous class Warmup Instruction, Part 1 Instruction, Part 2 Closure
Preassessment data show that 14 ready for ´requiredµ = group A 7 need ´required + reviewµ = B 7 ready for ´accelerationµ = C

5 min. 25 min. 25 min. 5 min.

Everyone participates
A and B do ´requiredµ focus lesson with teacher; C works on anchor C does ´acceleratedµ focus lesson with teacher; A @ Proof Place; B @ Practice Plaza

Everyone participates in an Exit Card

60 Minute Instructional Block: Day 2
28 students in a heterogeneous class Warmup Instruction, Part 1
two B·s ´got it;µ five B·s didn·t one C and five A·s need help with Exit cards show ´requiredµ concepts that A=9+2; B=7-2; C=7-1; D(mix)=1+5

5 min. 25 min.

Everyone participates
B·s work with teacher A·s and C·s @ Practice Plaza D·s @ The Shop D·s work with teacher B·s @ The Shop C·s@ Proof Place A·s work on Anchor Activity

Instruction, Part 2 Closure

25 min. 5 min.

Everyone participates in journal writing

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