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The Information Effect
Allie Lindquist

Domestic Violence has been a horrific

reality for women since the beginning of
human civilization.
A very common phrase used in our
society today is describing a common
rule or recommendation as a rule of
thumb, however not many people know
where this term originated from.
In 753 B.C beating your wife was
completely legal and men were allowed
to discipline their wives by beating
them with a metal rod. This rod could be
no greater than the width of the mans
Domestic Violence Statistics
Everyday in America three
women die at the hands of
domestic violence.
At lease one in four women,
and one in seven men will
experience domestic violence
in their life time.
Approximately 70% of murders
linked to Domestic Violence
occur after the couple breaks
Domestic violence is not just
couples, it can be your
parents, your siblings, your
friends etc.
Domestic Violence does not
Domestic Violence is not gender or
race specific, and everyone can
experience it. However some are
more likely than others.
According to,
85% of domestic violence victims
are women. Of those women there is
a 30-50% increase in domestic
violence cases among ethnic
Men can also be victims of domestic
violence, and 29% of heterosexual
men will experience abuse as well.
It affects people of all age groups,
however the most common age
group to experience violence from
an intimate partner is 16-24.
Why dont women just leave?
Many women stay with their abuser for financial and familial

Some women stay with their abusers because they have

been so deeply manipulated they think its an act of passion.

Many women stay with their abuser for fear about what would
happen to their family if they left.
Types of Resources
For those who experience domestic
violence and are open to getting help
there are many resources available to
available to them.
The first battered woman shelter in the
U.S was opened in 1973 in St. Paul,

Since then, the amount of rape and

domestic violence shelters have
increased dramatically. As it stands
today, there are about 1,500 shelters
in the U.S.
However, there is a remarkably low
number of domestic violence shelters
for men, which is something that
needs to be addressed.
Economic Impact of Domestic
According to the National
Coalition Against Domestic
Violence or NCADV, this crime
costs nearly $8.3 billion
dollars per year.
Factors could include: shelters,
non-profit organizations,
temporary funds to support
women who have fled their
partner, etc. It also costs a
significant amount of money
to run hotlines, which a
woman can call if she needs
help. Typically they received
20,800 calls per day.
What causes a rise in Domestic Violence from
state to state?
Some studies might suggest that
states with more lenient gun laws
tend to have more men-on-
women deaths. In South Carolina,
43 women were killed by men
(with guns) in 2014. South
Carolina does not require any
state licensing to purchase or sell
guns. Some states are taking steps to prevent
domestic violence, like California for example.
California has enacted the no drop policy,
which means that if a victim decides to drop the
charges, the state has the right to pick up the
charges and continue with sentencing.
Domestic Violence crimes can carry up to five
years in prison followed by one year of
Going Backwards
On the other hand, some places in
the world such as Russia, are going One representative from the Russian Duma
backwards in the fight against stated that he supports the law because he
Domestic Violence. does not think that we should violate the
This last year Russia passed the rights of family, and sometimes a man and
slapping law which decriminalizes women, husband and wife, have a conflict.
Sometimes in this conflict they use, I dont
the first domestic violence charge
know, a frying pan. (Sebastian, 2017)
for abusers, as long as it does not
seriously injure the victim.
The only repercussions of your first
domestic violence attack include a
$507 dollar fine, and 120 days of
community service.
This law was passed in Russia with
85% of legislators in support of it.
In conclusion
As disheartening as this step backward by the Russian government is, there
are many anti-domestic violence groups here in America who are working
tirelessly to end this problem. There are many support groups, shelters,
hotlines, and laws that are in place to support women and men who are
suffering from attacks in their home.
This is a fight that has been going on since the beginning of time, and
although giant strides have been made by our sisters throughout history, we
still have a very long way to go. If you or someone you know is suffering from
Domestic Violence attacks, call 800-799-7233.
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