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The Color

By Kesia Elliott, Yasmin Dell, Charlie Evans-
Rouse, Emily Sharpe, Leah Tedstone, Kensey
Armer and Natalia Viveros-Zapata
* Slavery was abolished in 1865
* Kkk was formed in 1865
* KKK Mainly targeted African
Americans in the deep south
There is a trace of slavery
within the show although it
isnt obvious

Racism- Abuse-
* The show is set in rural Georgia, * In both the show and novel,
pre-Civil rights there is a strong presence of
* Throughout the show black abuse
women are subject to many acts * Mental
of violence and abuse by men, * Sexual
this was common for women in * Domestic
the early 1900s * Child
female characters don't receive However, women shown as
equal treatment to male strong
characters - physically
male dominance - mentally
mistreatment of women
- free will
sexual aggression - work
physical violence - sexually liberated
exploited - religion/faith
double standards
women shamed for things FEMINIST MESSAGE
men aren't shamed for women must join together to
stand up against men
it is PEOPLE who are strong and
weak, gender does not dictate
perceptions of qualities which are
essentially human
o ple g i v e up
m m o n wa y p e do n t have Ti
st c o t he y l y o u do
The mo i s by t h in ki n g
e v e
right by
w e r r y thing y me
their po gonna c o u think ab
an y. r um bl e ou t i s
All my
life I ha
fght. d to
But Im
f a m i l y of
here s a fe in a t u p from
h i l d aint a rn to ge b e in g
r l c l e e r
ri te to G o d A gi ou have to is no long
I dont w m e ns y en love
to le w h
no more. I write th e t a b
o u . d.
y serve
a l k by
i f y ou w ere
s G o d of somewh
i t p isse a f eld Why d
nk i n
I thi or purple t. h
id they
sell us?
he c ol o t i c e i ave don
e H ow c o
t n t n t i t ? A n d uld they
d o h e m ? w h y do we s
and till love
Audience Reactions
l rights
n south
g ion

rs to
t te
Violenc God


Race Jim Cr
laws a tion
g reg
S e

-Costume Designer
-Costumes in relation to
-The character Shug
-Miss Celies pants

The Color Purple Original Musical
2005 2008
Scenic Design by John Lee Beatty
Lighting Design by Brian MaeDevitt
Sound Design by Jon Westen
Production Manager: Arthur Siccrdi

The Color Purple Modern Musical

2015 - 2017
Scenic Design by John Doyle
Lighting Design by Jane Cox
Sound Design by Gregory Clarke
Production Manager: Juniper Street
Thank You
For Watching