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English Review Jeopardy!

Gramma Literary
Poetry Authors A Terms
r Terms
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Grammar for 100
people, places or things
Grammar for 200
the set of rules one needs to know in
order to competently form sentences in a
Grammar for 300

In English, the three ___________ are

indicative, imperative, and subjunctive.
Grammar for 400

a conventional or customary manner of

presenting language
Grammar for 500

indicating that something, when compared with

two or more other things, has a quality to the
greatest or least degree.
Poetry for 100

a unit of poetry such as a stanza or a line

Poetry for 200

a 14 line poem stating the poet's personal feelings

Poetry for 300
it is the most famous poem in American
Poetry for 400
unit used to measure rhythm in a line of
Poetry for 500

the longest poem in the world

Authors for 100

Alice in Wonderland
Authors for 200
Fahrenheit 451
Authors for 300

1818 novel had the sub-title

'The Modern Prometheus?
(man made monster)
Authors for 400

The Odyssey
Authors for 500

The Fountain Head

Literary Terms for 100

the central idea or message of a work, the

insight it offers into life
Literary Terms for 200

from the Greek for orator, this term describes the

principles governing the art of writing effectively,
eloquently, and persuasively.
Literary Terms for 300

an adjective that describes words, phrases, or general

tone that is overly scholarly, academic, or bookish
(language that might be described as show-offy)
Literary Terms for 400
a work that closely imitates the style or content
of another with the specific aim of comic effect
and/or ridicule
Literary Terms for 500

the use of slang or informalities in

speech or writing
A Terms for 100
the opposition or contrast of ideas;
the direct opposite.
A Terms for 200
the device of using character and/or story
elements symbolically to represent an
abstraction in addition to the literal meaning.
A Terms for 300

the repetition of sounds, especially initial

consonant sounds in two or more
neighboring words
A Terms for 400

a direct or indirect reference to something which is

presumably commonly known, such as an event, book,
myth, place, or work of art
A Terms for 500

A terse statement of known authorship which

expresses a general truth or a moral principle.
Grammar 100

Answer: noun
Grammar 200

Answer: grammar
Grammar 300

Answer: moods
Grammar 400

Answer: style
Grammar 500

Answer: superlative
Poetry 100

Answer: verse
Poetry 200

Answer: sonnet
Poetry 300

Answer: The Road Not Taken

Poetry 400

Answer: meter
Poetry 500

Answer: Mahabharata
Authors 100

Answer: Lewis Carroll

Authors 200

Answer: Ray Bradbury

Authors 300

Answer: Mary Shelley

Authors 400

Answer: Homer
Authors 500

Answer: Ayn Rand

Literary Terms 100

Answer: theme
Literary Terms 200

Answer: rhetoric
Literary Terms 300

Answer: pedantic
Literary Terms 400

Answer: parody
Literary Terms 500

Answer: colloquial
A-Terms 100

Answer: antithesis
A-Terms 200

Answer: allegory
A-Terms 300

Answer: alliteration
A-Terms 400

Answer: allusion
A-Terms 500

Answer: aphorism