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Market analysis of Fans

in India
Top Competitors of Surya
1) Havells
2) Usha
3) Crompton Greaves
4) Bajaj
5) Orient
1) Havells Hawa Badlegi Ad
Havells India in its third year of the 'Hawa Badlegi' campaign,
has tried to convey the message that a small change in our
thought process can contribute to a much bigger and better
change in society, at large. Created and conceptualised by
Lowe Lintas, the latest set of four new television
commercials- three for North India and one for the Southern
market, subtly yet effectively tugs at the viewers'

The next year they shifted their focus to politics and how
there are winds of change in politics too.
Havells Fan Types and Price listing-
They offer premium fans with antique design, fans specially
designed for kids and high speed fans. Their latest models
are sprint lx, Rio remote and opus .they offer good
performance even in low voltage too.
Havells Ceiling Fans/special finish fans
Havells Aureus Chrome Finish Fan Price :Rs.14,090
Havells Opus Fan Price :Rs.29,320
Havells Cedar Brushed Nickel Fan Price :Rs.8,735
Havells Florence Two Tone Nickel Gold Fan Price : Rs.5,765
Havells table fans Havells Pedestal Fans
Havells Birdie Fan Price : Rs.1,560 Havells Swing remote Fan Price : Rs.3,795
Havells Trendy Fan Price : Rs.2,520
Havells Crescent Fan Price : Rs.1,750
Havells Swing Fan Price : Rs.2,590
Havells Swing Lx Fan Price : Rs.1,855 Havells Sprint16 Fan Price : Rs.3,300
Havells I Cool Personal Fan Price : Rs.1,995 Havells Diva 18 Fan Price : Rs.3,155
Havells wall mounting fans Havells Swing Midget Fan Price : Rs.2,700
Havells Air Circulator/Exhaust Fans
Havells Swing Penta Fan Price : Rs.2,000
Havells Turbo Force Wall Air Circulator Fan
Havells Swing Platina Fan Price : Rs.2,300 Price for
Havells Diva 2010 Fan Price : Rs.2,240
Havells Swing Premia Fan Price : Rs.2,755
Havells Swing Gyro Fan Price : Rs.2,450
Havells Nicola 1200mm 68-Watt Ceiling Fan (Gold
Mist and Copper)

Market Analysis:

Contemporary elegant design
Available in stunning color combinations
Decorative trims on motor cover and blades

A bit noisy sometimes.
2) Crompton Greaves Smart
solutions. , Strong Relationships.
1.Wide product range to provide end to end
solutions to customers across various
2. Major presence in domestic power market
and wide installed equipment/customer base
3. Prompt after sales service, Good
understanding of markets conditions
andGeographically wide spread
4.Significant technology absorption and
adoption to suit local needs
5.Contemporary integrated manufacture
base and infrastructure
6.Highly committed engineering, technical
Strengths and managerial power
Crompton Greaves:
1. High growth rate will stimulate growth in demand
for infrastructure
2.Boost to power transmission sector and privatization
moves in distribution sector
3.Total transmission capacity to be increased
Opportunities 4.Reduction of costs
1.Technology development constraints
2. Limited financing capacity for large projects
Weaknesses 3.High working capitals

1.Delay/ Deferment of projects

2.Technology leaders unwilling to share technology
3. International players consolidating and setting up of
local manufacturing bases
4.Increasing competition from large companies with
strong financial muscle
Threats 5.Lowering of import tariffs
Crompton Greaves pricing list:
Crompton Greaves Aura Metallic 1200 mm CEILING FANRs 1966
Crompton Greaves Avancer 1300 mm CEILING FAN Indigo BlueRs 2425
Crompton Greaves WMHiflo Wave 400 mm WALL MOUNTING FAN WhiteRs 1828
Crompton Greaves Drift Air 9 inches 225 mm METAL EXHAUST FANRs 1183
Crompton Greaves Lerone 1200 mm CEILING FAN Lens BlueRs 2205
Crompton Greaves High Speed 1200 mm CEILING FAN IvryRs 1668
Crompton Greaves Brisk Air 8 inches 200 mm PLASTIC VENTILATION FANRs 1123
Crompton Greaves Brisk Air 6 inches 150 mm PLASTICVENTILATION FANRs 1086
Crompton Greaves Aura Metallic 1200 mm CEILING FANRs 1992
Crompton Greaves Uranus 1200 mm CEILING FAN IvyRs 5352
Crompton Greaves Avancer 1200 mm CEILING FAN Indigo BlueRs 2289
Crompton Greaves Drift Air 6 inches 150 mm METAL EXHAUST FANRs 1116
Crompton Greaves Axial Air 150 mm PLASTIC VENTILLATION FANRs 922
Crompton Aura 48-inch 74-Watt Decorative High
Speed Ceiling Fan (Ivory)

A golden ring on the motor and canopy with matching trims
provide for an elegant design
Attractive gold finish shanks and elegant border blades
Providing comfort, safety and durability
Bearing: Double ball bearing
Bajaj Inspiring Trust. Agency:
Price range of Bajaj starting from Communicati
924 to 7268 Indian rupees. Bajaj ons

fans are consumer durable and

quality assured. They have a
variety category of fans for
home, office, and industrial use
with varying power and motor
Bajaj Swot analysis
1. Decades of experience in design, development and
2. Strong financial performance
3. Diversified into many segments and tapping
sophisticated markets
4. High liquidity has enabled it to invest in new
technologies and have grown in many segments
5. Market leadership and price competitiveness
6. Has a strong workforce and good brand presence due
Strengths to TVCs and print ads
1. The brand has less penetration across international
Weaknesses 2. Market share is limited due to intense competition
1.Expansion through Strategic Alliances
2. Growth in its product line could increase demand
3. Population growth and urbanization is increasing the
4. Emphasis on in-house R&D for Technology
Opportunities 5. Focus on Technology Intensive Products
1. Maturing categories,products, or services
2.Competition from private firms
3. Cheaper technolog
Threat 4. Price wars
Pricing for Bajaj fans:
Best Leading Models
Bajaj Ceiling Fan 1200 mm Bahar BrownRs 1245
Bajaj 1200 mm Bahar Ceiling FanRs 1240
Bajaj 200 mm Ultima PT01 Personal FanRs 940
Bajaj Ceiling Fan 1200 mm Magnifique EP 101 Brushed SteelRs 2812
Bajaj 400 mm Midea BT-05 Table FanRs 1785
Bajaj 1400 mm Bahar Ceiling FanRs 1434
Bajaj Ventilation Fan 250 mm Maxima DX WhiteRs 1163
Bajaj Ceiling Fan 900 mm Bahar WhiteRs 1222
Bajaj 200 mm Ultima PW01 Personal FanRs 951
Bajaj Ceiling Fan 1200 mm Euro TopazRs 2328
Bajaj Ceiling Fan 600 mm Maxima BrownRs 1353
Bajaj New Bahar 1200mm
Ceiling Fan
High speed
Ribbed blades
Side bend blades
Double ball bearing
Quick-start high torque motor
Recommended for short term use only.
Usha usha hai toh asha hai
Fans from Usha are always consumer friendly and
stylish. They have a lot of variety category of fans.
From each category you can choose the best one for
your usage. Usha presenting you a range of luxurious
life style fans and their latest models launched
namely flight and hunter with feature like whisper
quiet operation, precision crafted motor, wobble free
operation and reversible motor.
Usha fans pricing list:
Usha Lifestyle fans /ceiling fans Usha Table/Pedestal
/wall/exhaust/specialty Fans
Usha Turbo Heavy Duty Price:Rs.7,850/- Usha Striker DecorativePrice
Usha Dominaire Price:Rs.6,120/- Usha Arion Price isRs.3,190
Usha Ace EX Price isRs.1,250
Usha Misty Personal Fan Price:Rs.314 Usha Aerostyle Price isRs.1,350
Usha Apple Price isRs.450 Usha Technix Flair Star Rated
Price isRs.1,590
Usha Dynamo High Speed Price isRs.1,305 Usha Striker Decorative Price
Usha Mist Air Box Fan Price isRs.1,690 Usha Doraemon Copter Price
Usha Mist Air Tower Fan Price isRs.1,886Usha Fontana One Price
BV Air Price isRs.950 isRs.4,500
Usha New Trump 1200mm Ceiling Fan without

High lift angle of blade for wide air spread and performs well
even at low voltage
Electroplated decorative flanges for elegant looks
Glossy powder coated paint for superior finish and longer life
Warranty: 1 year on product
A bit noisy sometimes.
Orient fans More air, everywhere
SWOT Analysis
1. Are the largest and oldest brand of fan
manufacturersin India
2. Can find anyfanorlightingsolution to match your
lifestyle need
3. Diversified into client segments
4. Manufacturing fans which save electricity
5. Green initiatives
6. State of the art customer service c enters
Strengths 7. Strong brand presence due to TVCs and print ads
1.Easily replicated models
2.The brand has limited global reach and now faces
Weaknesses competition from Air conditioning market
1.Expansion through Strategic Alliances
2. Diversifying into other electrical products
3. Population growth and urbanization is increasing
the demand Advertising Agency:
Opportunities 4. Focus on Technology Intensive Products RK Swamy BBDO, New Delhi, India
1.Maturing categories, products, or services

2. Competition from private firms

3. Lack of Innovative technolog
Threats 4. Price wars