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Education Major

Competency 2:
Planning for Learning
Year 2 semester 1 & 2
Um Aldardaa School & RAK Academy
Description: here are some activities
that have been done during the class,
and the type of interaction.
Justification: I used to differentiate
the types of interaction in every time I
plan for the lesson, that is because
some times to keep time, they need to
work as group, in some cases one
student only work and the others does
not participate, so I used to apply pair
or individual work, to let them all

Description: this is one of my lesson plan for my lesson

Justification: I used to plan my lesson in a different way, not like usual only delivering
stuff, in this class I used to made a stage for my students , and let them act what do they
study in front of their class mates, which helps in creasing the self-esteem of shy student,
and let all students feel prod of them selves because they achieve a play role .
Description: here is my MST feedback in RAK Academy school, reflecting on my
efforts in planning my lesson.
Year 3 semester 1 & 2
Description: this is my peer feedback about my lesson plan.
Justification: in every lesson I focus on differentiate the activities, and I notice that
differentiation has ha huge impact on students work, because whenever they found some
thing fit their level the tend to succeed more.

Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in sequence eg Resources and teaching Materials
flashcard recognition, worksheet, drawing posters etc) aids For Each Group:

1. Remember the meaning of 5 words by using - Power point - Instructions card

PowerPoint. whole class - Computer - Black covered box
2. Discuss the experiment and its materials and each - Data show with holes
one represent what whole class - cards - Flash lighter
3. Doing the experiment in the class by using - Students book - colors
instructions card and materials. group work - Black covered box - Big white cards
4. Write their result\ observation in the page 303 with holes - Tennis ball
individual work - Big white cards
5. Make graphic organizer about what did they learn - Colors
peer work - Tennis ball
- Flash lighter

Consider these grouping strategies: Consider where the children are working:
Individual work Moving around the classroom
Pair work At their desk
Group work
Whole class

Description: this is a part of my usual lesson plan , that shows the type of activities, and
specific materials needed, and interaction, and placement of work.
Justification: I used every time to differentiate the activities and interaction types, and
resources, t make the lesson interest and attract the student and catch their attention, instead
of regular routine of curriculum and papers. When there is a differentiation, the students
find their needs and interests and learn more.
Year 4 semester 1& 2
Zahrat AlMadaen School
Description: lesson activities section, in the lesson plan.
Justification: Present a plan which include how the activities is going to be carried out
by explaining its purpose and planning activities' aims , differentiate activities across a
range of abilities to help students reach their potential

Description: using VAK models in lesson plan.( visual- auditory, and kinesthetic)
Justification: Planning the activities of the lesson using the VAK model, and plan effectively
how to ensure all learners meet their potential, by writing specifically in the plan how the VAK
model is going to be carried through activities, for example when I used to show the students
their books page in the board , and we answer together , I noticed that almost of the class
answer with me and I ensure that almost of them is following me.
Description: this picture shows a work
sheet distributed while there s a group
work, it is ready and I had a lot copies from
this paper.
Justification: when there is group work,
some times only one student answer, and
the rest are waiting her. So I decided to
give this paper, with gaps the fit the
number of group members. So, each
student have to fill in her gap, even she
dont know how to answer, she can ask.