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What are

Issues in
Education ?

By: Minnisha M Marshall

Keondre J Buchana
Andrisia Sweeting
What is
Cheating is an act
dishonestly or
unfairly in order to
gain an advantage,
especially in a
game or
Some disadvantages
of cheating
Students are not actually retaining the
knowledge that they need to know.
Students fall behind in his or her over all
Students may fail their current grade level.
Students can be expelled from school or
college courses.
Cheating on
college campuses.

- 75% of college students

admit to cheating on
exams and test.
- Methods of cheating
- May 2012 a professor at
Harvard University
discover that over half of
his class cheated on the
finial exam.

In conclusion after doing plenty of

research, we came to the conclusion
that cheating isnt healthy for students
grades and overall learning abilities.
Cheating doesnt push college students
to their full potential. It also hinders
students from learning what its like to
work hard for something and earn it. So
in the real world they would be looking
for handouts instead of determination.