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Workgroup and Enterprise PDM

Which One Is Right For You?

Eric van Essen, PDM Product Manager
Javelin Technologies

Eric van Essen
Mechanical Engineering and Management McMaster University
5 years of working with Javelin Technologies
4 years of strong focus on PDM related products
Certified Workgroup PDM Technician
Certified Enterprise PDM Technician
Implemented Workgroup and Enterprise PDM numerous times
Currently manage PDM product line

Goals for this session

What is PDM and how does it help
Making an investment in PDM
In-depth Comparison of Workgroup and Enterprise PDM
Typical setup and pricing comparison
SolidWorks PDM future
Q & A
Goals for this session

1. Understand why companies are implementing PDM

2. Increase your knowledge on SolidWorks PDM options

3. Understand why most companies feel confident selecting

Enterprise PDM over Workgroup PDM

4. Get an idea of the project scope to implement PDM

What is PDM? (Product Data Management)

Organizing, controlling and finding company

1. files and information

Sharing information effectively with other

2. departments

Keeping track of project or product changes

3. and history
How does it help?

Saves individuals time

Increases team productivity

Reduces errors / frustration

Increases visibility

Increases security

Saves money
Making an Investment in PDM

1. Are there specific problems you are trying to solve?

2. Are there other benefits that should be considered?

3. What is the long term vision of implementation?

4. What is a good starting point?

5. What is the TOTAL investment?

In-depth Comparison of Workgroup and Enterprise PDM

1. User Interface 8. Non CAD Files

2. Administration 9. Templates
3. Architecture 10.Searching
4. Revision Control 11.Process Control
5. SolidWorks Files 12.Notifications
6. BOM Management 13.Automation
7. Other CAD Files 14.Web portal
User Interface Enterprise
Windows Explorer extension
Regular folder structure
Learning curve is a little faster
Unique file names optional

Uses SolidWorks Explorer

Files are stored in a local cache
Project and file hierarchy
File names must be unique

Administration Enterprise
Graphical interface
Administration rights
Can control much more than
read or write access

Tab based administration

All or nothing administration
Can control read or write project

Architecture Enterprise
Controlled centrally by SQL
Database (included)
Archive of files is separate
Replication possibility

Simple structure based on

indexed text files
Performance issues with
larger group
Scheduled reindexing is a
good idea

Revision Control Enterprise
Standardized by workflow
Impossible to overwrite
Separate from Versions of files
Permissions can be controlled by

Primary or secondary revision

chosen on checkin
Working revision can be
overwritten at users choice
Revision table can be
controlled during checkin

SolidWorks Files Enterprise
Use regular open and save
References are captured in
database and kept up to date
Exchange revisions of files while
open in SolidWorks

All access and commands

through task pane
References indexed and
renaming may not propagate

BOM Management Enterprise
Tab in Windows Explorer
designated to BOM Management
Flexible to show BOM in many
different formats
Compare BOM against other
BOM can be frozen and passed
through approval process
One button to excel format

Quantity information available in

configuration specific report

Other CAD Data Enterprise
Suitable for managing any CAD
Specific support for ProE 2001
Wildfire 5, SolidEdge, Inventor,
Typical support includes native
add-in, file reference, revision,

Specific support for AutoCAD

Other CAD files are not
suitable for management

Non CAD Files Enterprise
Can manage any file
Template functionality can
automate creation process
Preview 400 different file types
Permissions can control where
specific files go
Can control windows properties
Can add most file types inside files to drive information in
Must be worked on in separate
cached folder
Designed to be associated with
CAD data
Must have unique file name
Can preview PDF Files

Templates Enterprise
A template can be made from
any file or folder
Automatic serial numbers can be
generated and used in file name
Properties can be driven into the
contents of the file
Templates are common practice
for new project creation

Limited to regular SolidWorks

No functionality related to non
New top level projects must be
added by an administrator

Searching Enterprise
Single window for all searching
Customizable search forms to
make searching easier for users
Values can be selected from
drop down lists
Favorites can be created and
repeated with a single click

Single search form

Values must by typed in
Result report can be edited

Process Control Enterprise
Unlimited graphical processes
Files are automatically assigned
based on name, location and
Architecture is secure and
passes FDA quality requirements

Limited global process control

Permission are changed by
forcing checkout by other user
Clear direction between states
is not available

Notifications Enterprise
Controlled by workflow or by user
Automated e-mail template
Easily customizable

Requires notification host

Globally controlled for all files

Automation Enterprise
Automation is on demand or
executed by workflow transition
Automation is
done by Task Task is executed on server or
Scheduler designated machine
Task is executed Flexible to do almost anything
on local machine
at specific time
designated by

Web Portal Enterprise
SSL 128bit encrypted for secure
Avoids FTP site usage
Can check out and perform
search from web portal
Requires eDrawing installed for

Embedded tabs and preview for

quick access to file information
Web portal suitable for internal
use only due to security reasons

Typical Setup and Pricing

Workgroup Enterprise

Basic Vault Setup and Admin Training 2-3 Days 3-4 Days

Optional advanced implementation N/A 1-5 Days

Licensing for engineers Included with Floating

SW Pro license
Licensing for others ~Same ~Same
SolidWorks PDM Master Plan

The plan with SolidWorks Workgroup PDM is not known at this time
It concerns some users that there has been a lack of enhancements in the
last three major releases
Enterprise PDM has seen significant enhancements over last three major
releases and seems to be where SolidWorks continues to put effort
Some of the enhancements that Enterprise PDM have seen include Item
Management which opens doors for more sophisticated business
management, this may become interesting in the future

Both SolidWorks Workgroup and Enterprise PDM offer a means of capturing

the history of a design
Enterprise PDM in general offers more:
Ease of use
Other time savings techniques
The implementation for basic functionality is roughly the same so decision of
direction should be based on value of extra capabilities vs. possible extra
licensing costs
Thank You!
Eric van Essen, PDM Product Manager - Javelin Technologies