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Kelompok 4 ( Kelas G ) :
-Adrian Hartanto
- Clara Sinta
- Hanny
- Livia Fransisca
- Marieta Wijaya
- Ricter Chaidir

keep these point in mind: Avoid the “ but “ bomb Keep it impersonal Keep it private Be specific Soften the impact . Softening the Blow When delivering criticism.

Compliments When giving a compliment . remember these points: Be sincere Be specific Be unqualified Don’t compare .

Cosmetic Surgery To avoid hurt feelings. try saying. ask only : “ are you pleased with the result?” Even if pressed. If you must . . follow these suggestions: Never tell a person he or she “ crazy “ to have cosmetic surgery Wait until the person opens the subject before you ask if they have had cosmetic surgery If you are curious.” Never volunteer the names of others who have had cosmetic surgery. you can say: “ I see what you mean. never criticize the result.” If they reply that they Have had surgery. but only when you point it out. “ you look wonderfull today.

go Into bankruptcy. If it happens to someone you know well. Don’t wait for the other person to tumble around looking for an opening. it is less then useless to act as if nothing has happened. It is up to you to acknowledge the misfortune at the earliest opportunity and to offer your sympathy. have accident. get indicted and experience the death of loved ones. Bad News People get fired. .

here are some short tips on how to hands a conflict. Conflict Since conflicts are unavoidable and inavitable. .

Sexual Harassment What will you do if you got sexual harassment ? .Reporting .Fight back and Speak up .

Embarrassing Situations .

Inappropriate Questions If someone comes up with a nasty or particularly inappropriate question. . you can ignore them or tell them you consider the questions to be rude.

” and move away. . you can say : “ I don’t think I want to hear this. Dirty Jokes If someone telling what is sure to be an obscene joke.

don’t try to cheer them up by telling them that it could be worse. . specific. use the “ critical i. and unqualitied When someone compliments you. specific. and as positive as possible When being criticized. The Least You Need to Know When delivering criticism.” Criticism should be impersonal. the perfect response is to simply say thank you When someone tells you bad news. don’t become overly defensive The best compliments are sincere. spontaneous.