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SSI 3013

Norain Hanani Binti Omar D20141067077

Siti Mariam Binti Tahar D20141067081

Nur Farahain Ashari D20152072047

Simulation is the imitation of a real world and processes
in a safe environment.


Simulations aim to provide an experience as close to the real thing as
Develop skills and experience. This allows learners to develop experience
of specific situation by applying their wider learning and knowledge.
Simulation model of biological control agents for
controlling pests (rat) in palm ecosystem
Original Graph
Graph of high population of rats vs low population
of owl and effects on palm ecosystem
Graph of low population of rat vs high population
of owl and effects on palm ecosystem

Graph 2 Graph 3

When population of rat increases and the population of owl When population of rat decreases and the population of owl
decreases, the production of palm decreases. increases, the production of palm increases.
Advantage and Disadvantage of
Advantage Disadvantage

Improve understanding Limited computers
- experiment or model - their learning process will happen only
in the class because they do not have
More interesting teaching method computer at home.
- animation and interesting
interface Lack of skills
- They tend to spend more time trying
Students can practice problem to explore the simulation because they have
solving skills lack of skills.
- Simulation presents the
environment, authentic information Expensive
sources and the tools to let the - the software is expensive
students solve the problem and test
their knowledge.
Why stimulation is important in learning
provide an information or demonstrate/ visualize a

enable practice in learning (e.g. learning languages in

many different forms)

examine and test the knowledge / give individual

STELLA is one of example for computer simulation in
teaching and learning.
This simulation is suitable to apply in schools since it
will empower the understanding about the topics.
Teaching and learning will become meaningful as it will
bringing different perspective in order to expand
students thinking and knowledge.
Even learning and teaching through simulation has
pros, it also has cons.