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Bermuda Triangle

Made by: Rileanu Cristina

10th B grade

1. What is Bermuda Triangle?

2. Notable Historical Incidents
3. Theories
4. Bibliography
What is Bermuda Triangle?
The Bermuda Triangle, also known as
the Devil's Triangle, is a loosely defined
region in the western part of the North
Atlantic Ocean, where a number of
aircraft and ships are said to have
disappeared under mysterious
circumstances. Popular culture has
attributed various disappearances to the
paranormal or activity by
extraterrestrial beings.
Triangle area
The area is one of the
most heavily traveled
shipping lanes in the
world, with ships
crossing through it
daily for ports in the
Americas, Europe,
and the Caribbean
Notable Historical Incidents
USS Cyclops Possible causes:
The most notable first incident was 1. German Conspiracy
USS Cyclops. The ship along with 2. Over-loading and Capsizing
309 crew members went missing on
March 4, 1918 .
Flight 19

One of the greatest mysteries of the

Bermuda Triangle is Flight 19. On
December 5, 1945 at 2:10 pm five Last transmission
Avenger bombers disappeared flying
over the Atlantic.
from flight 19
"We are entering white
water, nothing seems
right. We don't know
where we are, the water is
green, no white."
Ghost Ships
A pleasure yacht was found adrift in the Atlantic south of
Bermuda on September 26, 1955. All three guys missing.
Infamous hurricane Lone hit the yacht on 14th and 18th
of September.
Star Tiger & Star Ariel

Both the planes disappeared in consecutive years 1948

and 1949, while flying over Bermuda.
Douglas Airline

The plane and all 28 members went missing mysteriously

while flying from Puerto Rico to Florida in 1948.
Realistic and Unrealistic: - 7 major theories in total

1. Human Error
2. Violent weather
3. Compass Variation
4. Methane Hydrates
5. Wormhole
6. UFO/Aliens
7. Bermuda Triangle Monster
4. http://
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