Live Streaming with Facebook

July 2010

What is the live stream box?
Users share comments in real-time, next to video Users log in to your site using Facebook Communicate in real-time, at large scale View comments from friends/everyone watching Comment on and ³like´ friends¶ posts Share updates directly to Facebook Profile Key players: Ustream, Livestream, Justin TV

Facebook/CNN Inauguration Live Stream
‡ 2 million status updates ‡ 26 million live streams on CNN

White House Live Stream

Jonas Brothers Live Webcast

Live Stream for Michael Jackson Memorial

F8 Live
‡ 150k+ people tuned in to watch our developer conference ‡ Large international audience (especially with the volcano!) ‡ Skype into London Developer Garage ‡ Over 55 interviews with key partners/developers on the ground ‡ Ability to follow live blogs of sessions, as well as video

Live Stream Key Facts
Can happen on or off Facebook Enables a global conversation Viral: friends see updates & join Easy & self-service

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