How Facebook Uses Facebook

Matt Hicks July 20, 2010

9 Million+ Monthly Actives 13.5 Million People Like the Page 1 Million Daily Actives

@facebook wtf r u doing on Twitter?

Components of a launch

Explanation of PR role in producing content 1) All major announcements on blog/FB Page 2) PR working with product/business leads 3)

Facebook Blog

Facebook Data Team

Targeted Facebook Page Status

Feeding the social media beast

Status Updates Posted Links Blog Posts Photos Videos

Producing features

Your Stories

Producing features

Facebook Tips

Producing features

Topical Tours

Producing features


Producing features

Story of the Week

Finding authentic voices
Employee crowdsourcing

Finding authentic voices
Guest bloggers

Public figures

First person users


Guest bloggers
Authors and journalists Critics/activists

Style for the Short Form
Be Brief: Say more with fewer words Be Direct and Authentic: Avoid adjectives, marketingese Be Casual: Simple language; colloquial, abbreviations, non-AP style OK Be Personal: Use 2nd person and avoid “users” Make a Call to Action: Ask readers to do something or answer a question @facebook

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