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Photoshop Screenshots

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Double Page Spread
I started off by planning the overall composition of the DPS. I first creates the masthead and
placed it roughly where I wanted it. I then did the standfirst and byline under the masthead. It
was quite tricky to place them near each other without it interrupting either the text or the
masthead. Next I added the grab quotes where I wanted them to be. In this I learnt to leave all
the complicated stuff till the end until I knew what I was going to do and how I was going to do
This time I decided to replace the grab quotes and add them later on. I replaced them with the text
so it was simple to plan around. I also decided to move the masthead and byline to see how it
looked. In this I learnt to keep all the text without the boundaries so that it looked natural and so it
stuck to the codes and conventions of magazines.
This time I finally decided to add the grab quotes into the DPS as well as adding a drop cap. This
helps to further follow the codes and conventions and also gives it a more realistic look. By
adding the grab quotes it allowed me to work out the structure of the DPS and allowed me to
figure out where to put the image. I have learnt from this that grab quotes are very easy to do
and allows for attention to be easily attracted .
Next , I added the image in the centre and wrapped the text around it. …. (photoshop)