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Analysis of my own music

magazine ‘RockSound’
Olivia Timmins
Masthead- The masthead on this page is big, bold and stands out. It is eye catching an
the first thing that the target audience see’s when the pick up this magazine. The colour
stands out on the masthead and the font is bold so again it captures the TA’s attention.

Cover lines- The cover lines on this page are quite jumbled up but they stand out. The
are in different shapes that fit around the main image of the magazine. This makes them
look more interesting and engaging.
Mode of Address- The cover of this magazine communicates with the target audience
by the model’s looking directly into the camera so it looks as though they are looking
at the reader, this creates a sense of intimacy between the magazine and the reader.

Model/group- The group on this front cover are shown as a long shot so the target
audience can see their full bodies and the clothing that they are wearing. They are
looking straight into the camera and are standing it quite a casual pose. This tells us
that the magazine is quite chilled out and relaxed, this could also mean that the
magazine is easy for the target audience to read.

Genre- The genre of this magazine would be rock/alternative. I know this because firstly the masthead indicates what t
Of music this magazine is about, also the artists featured in this magazine are alternative bands/solo artists.

Barcode- The barcode is centred at the bottom left side of the magazine, this is so it doesn’t take the focus away fro
page and any important content which is displayed.

Colour Scheme- The colour scheme on this page is mainly bright colours such as blue, red, white and yellow. The bri
colour scheme makes the page stand out from other magazines and instantly captures the audience’s attention. It is
pleasing to the eye and makes people want to read the magazine as it looks fun and inviting.

Strapline- The strapline for this magazine is "For those who like their music loud, extreme and non-
conformist" This is a catchy phrase which will ensure the target audience memorise the magazine and
what it sells.
Representation- Rock Sound constructs aspects of real life by using real people as the main image for the magazine
mentioning tour dates and events that have either happened or are happening.
Layout/Rule of Thirds- The rule of thirds on this page is appealing because the main im
is centred in the middle of the top square which makes the layout look appealing to the
eye. The cover lines are also in separate boxes of the rule of thirds which again make it
interesting and enjoyable to look at.

Main Cover Line- The main cover line on this page is ‘Access all areas with against the
current, the hottest band on warped.’ This is based just below the centre of the page in
bold and big lettering. It immediately stands out and catches the attention of readers.

Anchorage- The anchorage in this cover links the main image and the text together. They
include the same content and tell us that the main image is going to be featured inside
the magazine.

Denotation- The literal meaning of ‘access all areas’ would be that the reader is going to
go with the band and explore new places and find new information. However, the
connotation / hidden meaning would be that inside the magazine the reader is going to
find out new information about the band and see what they have been getting up to.

Icon- The band on this cover aren't icons but you can tell that they are
well known as in the main cover line it says ‘hottest
band on warped.’ This gives us the impression that they have a wide
audience and have a lot of supporters.