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Luis Rojas



No nicknames
What is your favorite breakfast
Luiss favorite breakfast item is cereal
How many kids are in your
family? Where do you fit in?
There are 3 kids in Luiss family, He is the oldest.
What are your hobbies?

Luis likes to play basketball and boxing

Tell a time when you were
embarrassed or really proud of
Luis is really proud of himself whenever he gets good grades
What is your favorite place to
Luiss favorite place to eat is McDonalds
What is your favorite subject in
Luiss favorite subject is sociology because he likes the teacher
What is your favorite sandwich?

Luiss favorite sandwich is a hamburger

If you were to carry a drink to
school each morning what drink
would it be?
Luis would carry juice
What is your favorite movie or
TV show?
He doesnt have a favorite
Do you have a job? If yes, where
do you work?
Luis doesnt have a job
Something unique

Luis doesnt think there is anything unique about him.