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Philosophy of Education

Deanna Garcia
Professor Jen Stacy
December 7, 2015
LBS 203
The purpose of education
is to prepare students for:
The Workforce

According to Horace Mann, public

schools should teach the knowledge
and habits, as well as basic literacy, that
citizens needed to function in a

Mann believed that preparing students

to function in a democracy would
eliminate poverty and crime and shape
the destiny of a wise productive
Learning Environment
Children learn best in a classroom that focuses on
inquiry based learning which enables students to
construct their own understandings, draw
conclusions, create new knowledge, and share
their knowledge with others. (Stripling, 2008,
Commitment to Social Justice
According to Heather Hackman (2005), social justice
education requires an examination of systems of power and
oppression combined with a prolonged emphasis on social
change and student agency in and outside of the classroom.

Guide conversation of oppression with questions like:

Who benefits and who suffers?
What is required to create change?
What alternatives can we imagine?

I will promote the need for social action and remind students
that have a right as citizens to reject, voice their concern, and
protest against systems of oppression to initiate change in
society for all citizens. (Hackman, 2005, pg. 104)
The curriculum in a public school classroom should follow the
Common Core Standards.

The sub standards in various subjects should guide a teachers

lesson plan for the day, and set a timeline for when students
should be exposed to new knowledge.

This new knowledge should be presented to students using

multiple learning theories created by a myriad of learning
theorists. (Wilson & Peterson, 2006, pg.4)
Effective teachers follow a personal philosophy of education,
and continue to evolve their philosophies to promote student

As a teacher, I would continue to evolve my own personal

philosophy of education by:

Observing Classrooms
Enacting Different Learning Styles and Theories
Continuing my Education

Characteristics of an Effective Teacher:

Clean and Organized Classroom
Detailed and In-depth Lesson Plans
Motivational Approaches
(The teachers I observed in the past used encouraging
statements to motivate the classroom, and acknowledged
students who portrayed exemplary behavior.)