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What we already know about DNA


DNA is in the nucleus

DNA can NOT leave the NUCLEUS

Function (job) of DNA
DNA contains INSTRUCTIONS to make the cell,
and therefore the entire organism

DNA has the codes for making proteins

Messenger RNA (mRNA)
Like DNA, but single stranded
Can leave the nucleus
Carries DNAs message to the cell
Uses RNA language, a special code
A U, C G, T A
Nitrogenous bas uracil (U)
replaces Thymine (T)
Function (job) of mRNA
mRNA TRANSCRIBES a message from DNA
after it has been UNZIPPED during
Transcription key points
DNA mRNA (messenger RNA)

DNA cannot leave the nucleus

Takes place in the nucleus

mRNA strand makes a copy of one DNA strand

RNA is a code too!
The ribosomes read the code
To find out which proteins the DNA wants to make