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Chilean Festivals and

Street Food
By: Melanie Hoover, Grace Gay, & Mia Hall
Fiesta de La Tirana
Celebration in honor of the Virgin of Carmen
One of the largest religious festivals in Northern Chile
12th-17th of July
Takes place in a small village in the middle of the
Pampa del Tamarugal (a desert)
Fiesta de La Tirana Events
Masked dancers performing the dance called Diabla
or Danza de los Diablos to expel the demons from
their town
Arts and crafts
Lots of shops
Fiestas Patrias
The phrase fiestas patrias
means patriotic
Chilean Independence
National dance (cueca)
Red wine, grape cider,
Hundreds of thousands of
people take part in the
Fiestas Patrias Music and Dancing
National Dance - the Cueca
Symbolizes a mating ritual
between a chicken and
Wave handkerchiefs and
stomp their feet
Fiestas Patrias traditional games
These games date back to colonial times
All games for old and young
Buy/make kites for children
Horse races
Tug of war
Catching a pig
Santiago a Mil
arts festival

More than 250 indoor events

about 80 street-based performances (attract up to half a million

Santiago a Mil Name History
The name "Santiago a mil" is Spanish for "Santiago for
1,000 (pesos)"
It is also a play on the phrase "trabajar a mil por hora",
Spanish for "working a mile a minute".
We Tripantu
New Year celebration.

Officially begins on the 21st of June

it marks the moment of the suns rebirth.

around dawn, people head down to nearby rivers and streams to wash
and cleanse away anything negative theyve picked up
throughout the year.
We Tripantu Music
trutruca horn.
pifilca flute.
the cultrn drum.
We Tripantu Food
They have a lot of chicken, pork, lamb, beef and even
catutos (fried or boiled dough treats dipped in honey),
Mote, made from boiled, husked wheat, is also eaten to
We Tripantu games and dancing
Small children play awar kuden, a betting game using colourful dried

Older children and teenagers play paln, a game similar to hockey

All members of the community join in with traditional dances like the
purrn and the mazatn.
What is a Street Food/Drink in Chile?

Mostly healthy

Near the road

Street Drink
Fresh Fruit Juice:

4,779,621,844 pounds of fruit

Street Foods
Served with cinnamon sugar

Confectioners sugar

Filed with smooth caramel

Street Foods
Pino- a mix of ground beef, onions, black olives, boiled eggs,
raisins or seafood and cheese.
Street Foods
Simple and cheap

Mixture of pumpkin flour

In some restaurants they are like appetizers or made sweet

for dessert
As street food they are large with ketchup or mustard
Street Foods

Skewer of grilled meat

Northern Chile has Llama kebab
Served with bread on top
Cocoa-Ancho Chile Cookies
Very spicy if you dont

Like spice then dont

Eat it!