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What can Having an

alcoholic in the family do

to members of the
family emotionally?
Vannesa Woods
Why i chose this topic
My stepdad is an alcoholic and I
know the way he acts, but I want to
see real facts and statistics, to see
if the way hes acting is normal.
What i already knew
Having someone so destructive in our
household cannot be so easily ignored by
our emotions, so it must be affecting us in
some way.
Having to tip-toe around someone to avoid
being yelled at, and in my situation
attacked, isn't easy and i assume that we
aren't the only ones in this condition, so
what are the affects in other families?
How i went about my research
I first Googled alcoholism in families to find what
others define as alcoholism and what that means for
the family, and then slowly branch out to similar sites
and recommendations of those sites.
What i learned
Alcoholism is influenced a lot by genetic factors.

Children of alcoholics are also more likely to have emotional

or behavioral problems.

Genes are not the only thing that children inherit from their
parents. The way that parents treat their children has an
effect on the way they grow up.
What i learned
(continued 1)
How alcoholism
affects the kids
Parents who are alcoholics affect
their children and adolescents in
many ways-
What i learned (continued 2)
problems can flare up and threaten the bedrock of the relationship.

A spouses alcohol abuse can also trigger a host of emotions, such

as feelings of abandonment, unworthiness, guilt, and self-blame.
These emotions can all collect into a disorder known as
More threats to the family
When an alcoholic in the house has created an unhealthy
cycle of denial, the family begins to feel hopeless and
Support groups and counseling are the best way to work on
these problems, ignoring the obvious issues can only
make things worse.
What i think about all of this
All of the information I learned is a lot that I have assumed,
because I have first hand experience of an alcoholic that
presents many of these behaviors. I believe that many
families are in denial about this important and fragile subject.
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