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A New Coffee Service On

The Train Stations
Name: Van Thanh Hai Truong (Henry) Source: internet

Student No.: 12022145

Campus: Sydney
Term 1/2017
Lecturer: Sujatha Sridharan
Course coordinator: Dr Roshnee Ramsaran

The core service Supplementary services

The self-service coffee Facilitating services:
on the train stations Information (service hours, price, receipts and
with a innovative member cards)
payment method. Order Taking (machine contact, rather verbal
Offer many kinds of conversation)
coffee: Espresso, Latte, Billing (machine display amount of purchase)
Cappuccino, Flat- Payment (cash, money deposit)
White Enhancing services:
Hospitality (greetings, tissues, coffee trays)
Exceptions (frontline staff, hotline)

Source: internet
Focus on the group of customers
Behavioural Segmentation who often use the train systems in
as the main method to travel.

Age from 15-64, enjoy drinking

Demographic Segmentation
coffee every day.

Use a fully focus strategy, provide

a limited type of services to the
Targeting Strategy niche market segment.
Offer a superior coffee service to
consumtomers who often use train
for travelling purpose.
Target customer
strategy Service different to
other competitors
fully focus Value proposition of the
strategy. Self-service system service offering
Superior coffee to increase Offer a high quality coffee
service for productivity and
service at the stations to meet
people using quality of service.
the demand of people who
train as a main Distinguish to other busy to go to work or travel.
vehicle for competitors. Use technology innovation:
travelling Smart card ( Store Data,
digital wallets) make
transaction easier and faster,
better user-experience, to ease
Customers go to service outlets
Consumers purchase service need go to service outlets available on
around train stations.
On the way to travel, convenience

Member cards distribution (prepaid cards)

Member card can be used as a form that stored customers information.
Contain electronic wallet used in any transaction to purchase services.
Customers can top up the card online, at our outlets, intermediaries
such as city-convenience and news agency stores

Franchising (in the near future)

Using franchising to expand rapidly our service more effective with less
effort in term of financial investment.
For regular customers
(pay by prepaid-card/member card)
- medium size of a coffee is $1.95.
Cost of service - large size is $2.95.
- Offer a free cup when purchase enough 8

Uncommon customers (pay by cash)

- medium size is $2.5.
- large size is $3.5.

Card or cash, pay before services

Payment method delivered.
Prepaid card can top up online, service
outlets or intermediary stores.
- Outlets signage, the uniforms, physical
facilities such as self-service machine.
Company - red and brown colours
- Create awareness and interest
among consumers.
- Deliver information and
- Measure the effectiveness of
promotional campaigns.

TVC, radio and print media

PROMOTIO Advertisin
Website g
to communicate our
N services to the public.

- Offer a free coffee for the first time of

purchase when being membership Sales
- Offer a free with 8 coffee purchase a week
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