5 Plot Elements

Teaching Plot Structure
Through Short Stories

Plot is the literary element that shows the
arrangement of events and actions within a story.
Types of Linear Plots
Plots can be told in

Chronological order
events told in the time
order they actually

the character goes
back to an event
that happened
earlier in time.
Plot Components
Climax: the turning point, the
most intense moment—either
mentally or in action

Rising Action: the series of Falling Action: all of the
conflicts and crisis in the story action which follows the
that lead to the climax climax

Exposition: the start of the Resolution: the conclusion,
story where characters and the the tying together of all of
conflict is introduced. the threads
Plot in Aladdin
Conflict is the dramatic struggle
between two forces in a story.
Without conflict, there is no
Types of Conflict
Interpersonal Conflict
Human vs Human

Human vs Nature

Human vs Society

Internal Conflict
Human vs Self
• The time and place of a story’s
• The people, animals, or other beings that take part
in the stories events/plot.
• Protagonist: The main character in a story
• Antagonist: A character or force in conflict with
the main character
Shrek Characters
• Protagonist: Shrek
• Antagonist: Lord Farquaad (stands in his way…kills
ogres and tries to keep Shrek and Fiona apart.

• Some Personality Traits:
• Loyal, humorous, selfish, conceited, kind, arrogant.

• Personality is revealed through what the
character says and does. Often, characters grow
and change in a story.
• The message/lesson the
story conveys
• What are the big ideas? What lesson
can be learned?
– : Shrek: accepting oneself, true
beauty is not external
Point of view: who is telling
the story
First person: a person
inside the story is telling it

Major or Pronouns: I,
minor: a my, we, us, me
main or are clues for a
minor first person pt.
character of view told
is telling from the
it character.
Point of view
Third person: a person outside
of the story is telling it

Limited omniscient: He, she, it,
Omniscient: we follow around one they, them,
or two characters those are
“All knowing”
knowing what they clues for 3rd
Reader is told do and think. It is person since
what all limited because it is story is from
characters not the thoughts of someone
think/feel. all characters but else’s
one or two. perspective.
Point of View
Other terms

• tone: the author’s attitude toward the
work (happy, sad, scary, suspenseful)

• mood: the emotional effect created by
a work
– Edgar Allen Poe’s stories create a
scary/intense/feeling in the reader…
Tone Vs. Mood
• symbol: something stands for a concept larger than itself
– standard or cultural symbols
– author-created symbols

= Innocence

= America/Democracy/Freedom

= Peace
More terms
• Foreshadowing: hints or clues of what is to
• Imagery: painting pictures with words
• Style/Diction: the author’s word choice.
– S.E. Hinton uses a lot of slang to make The
Outsiders more realistic to teenage talk.
What is foreshadowing?