Morgan Quinn, Andrew Marquez, Alfredo Medrano, Angel Ramos
1. Purpose
To demonstrate the 3. Results
connection established In 2008, the Chicago Police
Department compiled statistics of
between domestic violence
offenders who committed crimes
and animal abuse. This will against animals along with other
be shown by its lasting crimes they had committed. Statistics
effects through statistics and showed that over 50% of offenders
factual evidence. We also who had committed crimes against
want to educate our audience animals, had also committed battery-
in ways to recognize signs of related violent offense charges.
domestic violence, ways to Robert K. Ressler, who develops
prevent it, and how to spread profiles of serial killers for the FBI
awareness. stated, “Murderers very often start
out by killing and torturing animals as

2. Methods
4. Conclusion
• Understand what After various research and
domestic violence and studies, it can be
animal abuse is concluded that animal
• Analyze research found abuse plays a dramatic
within previous studies of role in the event of
the two issues connected domestic violence. Various
• Discover research organizations work
regarding serial killers towards helping victims of
which supports our
domestic abuse such as
• Determine ways to “Domestic Violence
recognize signs of abuse Roundtable” and “Texas
Council on Family
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