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Carson Hicks
Step 1
First you need
to search for
the website,
the website is
ArcGis. After
clicking on the
website you
have to sign in
or create a
Step 2
logged in
you click on
my maps
and this
map will
poop up
ready for
you to work
on it.
Step 3
I decided to
change my
base map so I
clicked base
map and
choose the
second from
the first.
Step 4
To add features
to the map you
have to click
on add, and
then a drop
menu will pop
up and you
have to click
on add layer
from web and
them you
create a name
and then click
Step 5
I decided that I
wanted to outline
Wyoming. So I
clicked on freehand
line and traced
around the state
and then I changed
the color by
clicking on the
thing and choose
the color grey.
Step 6
Then I moved on
to highlight the
perimeter of
Step 7
Then I clicked on
the icon that says
detail and I
decided that I
wanted to change
the content and
thats what I did.
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10