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Map of Africa

Mn Mines


World Mn Reserves .

08Mt Ghana 1999: 0.14Mt 2001: 1.64Mt Typical Assay: Mn Carbonate ore Mn: 32-34% .Ltd---the only mining company in Ghana GMC Ownership: Ghana Intern’l Mn Corporation: 90% Ghana Govrnmt 10% GMC’s Nsuta- Wassaw Mn Mine Ghana Production/Export: 2004: 1. Ghana Mn Co.5Mt 2002: 1.6Mt 2003: 1.

983Mt Comilog’s Mine in Moanda Gabon .09Mt 1997: 1.904Mt 1996: 1.46Mt 1999: 2.09Mt 1998: 2. Moanda Ore Production: 2004: 2.

and are controlled by Eramet-SLN through its subsidiary. Comilog 61%. Gabon Moanda Mine • Ore reserves are estimated at 250 million tons. with participation by the State of Gabon 28% and Cie Generale des Matières Nucleaires 11%. • The operations constitute the world’s second largest production of manganese high-grade ore. .

Africa Mn Ore Production: 2003: 3.South Africa Mn Mines S.5Mt 2001: 3.266Mt .

638 t of manganese ore. Reserves are estimated at 12 billion tons.500. . • In 2003 the country produced 3. South Africa Mn Miners • Some 80% of the world's known economically mineable high-grade manganese ore reserves occur near Hotazel in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. • Samancor /Assmang (owned by Avmin and Assore) /Highveld Steel and Vanadium (under Anglo American plc group) dominate South African manganese production.

Mamatwan and Wessels Mines (30 Years Life) Samancor Operations In South Africa .

African and Australian production: 4. whilst the remainder is converted to alloys and manganese metal (which is then exported) >Australia: GEMCO Mn mine in Groote Eylandt. . in the Gulf of Carpentaria in the vast Northern Territory of Australia.4 million tonnes per annum. 40% of production is exported to ferroalloy producers. Mamatwan (opencast) and Wessels (underground) near Hotazel of Northern Cape.Africa: operates two mines. Samancor >S. GEMCO has a production capacity of 2.1 million tonnes used for sinter production.1Mt  Assmang’s Mn mines: N'Chwaning. >2003 S. Gloria Assmang's manganese production nearly 2 Mt per year.4 million tonnes of ore which includes 1. have a combined annual capacity of 3.