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Indicator 1 and 2 Second Term, 2017

Seventh grade
Boston International School
Objective:To recognize that although in a different way,
the process of feeding not only occurs in humans and
animals, but also in plants.
Learning Objective: Explaining how plants meet basic
functions of living things.

What do plants eat?

God supplies our basic needs.
Genesis 9:3
Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. I have
given you all things, even as the green herbs.

Biblical Principle
Using creativity to explain photosynthesis and understanding how
plants eat.
Students will choose between creating a song, performing a play,
poem or recording a video to be socialized in class; Giving a
creative and fun explanation about the process of photosynthesis
and explaining what plants eat.
Each presentation should include the vocabulary, concepts used in
the class and a biblical reflection.
The presentation should reflect the creativity and the research
process on the subject of photosynthesis and what the plants eat.
Group: 4 people
Due date: May 9-11, 2017
Rubric of evaluation
Spelling Bee
1. Pronunciation
2. Fluency (Student acted as a facilitator, helping the conversation flow and develop).
3. Length of the speech
4. Proper use of various structures
5. Vocabulary used in class was used properly to communicate
6. Voice and non-verbal communication (Pronunciation was clear and inflection and
expressions were used to enhance communication.)
7. Listening (Student responded to questions with appropriate answers,
acknowledged all statements, and incorporated them into the discussion.)
8. Creativity displayed in bringing all the material necessary to carry out the activity
9. Eye contact: look at the audience during the entire presentation while speaking.
10. Use of notecards: look at audience while speaking, not reading straight from the
11. Biblical integration use
What do plants eat?

Plants make their own food in the form of sugars

using water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight.
So what is the food that people add to plants? Its
Fertilizer is a mixture of minerals, such as potassium,
calcium,and phosphorus. It helps plants to grow, but
doesnt supply them with energy as food does.
It is the process by which a cell captures energy in
sunlight and uses it to make food.
Plants make their own food through the process of
An organism that makes its own food is called a producer
or an autotroph. An organism that cannot make their
own food is called a consumer, or a heterotroph.
What happens during
During photosynthesis plants absorb energy from the sun
and use it to convert carbon dioxide and water into sugars
and oxygen.
The photosynthesis has two stages: First, plants capture
the suns energy. Second, plants produce sugars.
Stage 1: Capturing the
Suns energy.
This process occurs mostly in the leaves. Recall that
chloroplasts are green organelles inside plants cells. The
green color comes from pigments, colored chemical
compounds that absorb light. The main pigment for
photosynthesis in chloroplasts is chlorophyll.
So chlorophyll captures light energy and converts it to a
form that is used in the second stage.
During stage 1, water in the chloroplasts is split into
hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is given off as a waste
Stage 2: Using energy to
make food
In this stage cells produce sugars. Cells use hydrogen (H)
that came from splitting of water in stage 1, carbon
dioxide from the air, and the energy from the sun to make
sugars, one of them is Glucose.
Cells use the energy in glucose to carry out vital cells
The other product of photosynthesis is Oxygen gas (O2).
Recall that oxygen forms during the first stage when
water molecules are split apart.
Oxygen gas exits a leaf through the openings on its
What happens to the sugars
produced in photosynthesis?
Plants cells use some of the sugars for food. The cells
break down these molecules in a process that releases
energy. This energy can then be used to carry out the
plants functions such as growing and making seeds.
Other sugar molecules may be stored in the plants cells
for later use. When you are eating food from plants, such
as potatoes or carrots, you are eating the plants stored
Quiz on the lesson May 2nd, 2017
JESUS CHARACTER (Students daily life use, you
can take the principle of the month as your reference)

Song of the month: This is Amazing Grace