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The US

Vs. Italy
By: Amanda Amrhein
Part 1: Type of Government and Constitution
The US leader is a President. Whereas the leader in Italy is called a
president as well.
Name of current leader
The US current leader is Donald Trump

The Italy leader is Sergio Mattarella

Are they elected or
In the united states, the presidents are elected. In Italy the president is
elected as well.
Length of term of office
The US in a four year term, but can be reelected for another four year

Italy is a seven year term.

Background and
For the US there are 4 Qualifications: required




Background and
qualifications for day
Any citizen who is fifty or older on election Italy
Enjoys civil rights and political rights

The Presidents term may end by:

Voluntary resignation


Permanent disability, due to serious illness

dismissal , as for crimes of high treason or an attack on the

background and
Role:The for
constitution lays out the duties
republic to include:
and powers of president of the

1)Foreign affairs

2)Parliamentary affairs

3)Legislative matters

4)Appertaining to popular sovereignty

5)Executive matters and as to official protocol

6)Judicial matters
Lawmaking body
US (Congress)


House of Representatives (435)

Senate (100)

Italy (Italian Parliament)


950 members in the bicameral legislature

630 members elected on a national basis (Chamber of Deputies)

315 members elected on a regular basis (Senate of the Republic)

Part 2 - italy
Multi - party system

Italy is a democratic republic

The executive power is exercised collectively by the Council of Ministers,led by prime minister

The judiciary is independent of the executive and legislative branches

The legislative power is vested in the two houses of parliament primarily, and the secondarily on the
Council of Ministers- the can introduce bills and hold the majority in the parliament.
Part 2 - US
Two - party system

Always been silent on the issue of parties

1st party

Federalist party

Supported the ratification of the Constitution

2nd party

Democratic - republican party

Opposed the powerful central government

Modern two - party system consists of democratic and republican parties

Part 3 - Italy
Voting age is 18
Part 3 - us
Voting age is 18