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A Comprehensive and integrated view of Product offerings in Marketplace

Problem Statement
There are multiple product offerings in the market which had made difficult for a consumer to
choose an offering. Although valuable consumer feedback or rating and review products/
concepts is existent in online market place in the form of forums and blogs and these are
mainly in the form of unstructured text like comments, suggestion, feedbacks in plain English
language .

In current scenario a consumer need to manually go through multiple sources of comments or

review of other peers and then analyze the context to take a decision or reach a conclusion
about the product/concept. The current process is both time consuming and the result
depends on the decision making and data processing capability of the user. So for the same
context the end result varies along with customers/users leading to inconsistent decision. All
these are mainly due to inability of human brain to process and remember large data points
from reviews and comments before generating a fruitful decision.

If we have a method to process these reviews or comments and get integrated and
comprehensive view of the product/offering. These may help the next probable buyer or user
to get a feels of the products or concept before directly doing a deep dive into the concept.
Offered Solution
Project Review analyzer (Revlyzer) aims to provide better , consistent,
structured, user independent insights by processing these large data sets of
comments and product reviews to empower consumers to take smart decisions.

This new technique would break each review or comment in context specific
parameters and then do a user sentiments analysis on those parameters using
Cognitive Alchemy API( Alchemy Language). Thus leading to a compact
parameterized product or concept analysis which gives insight on trends and
patterns (related to product and its components) hidden in the user comments
and reviews.
Review analyzer would enhance user acceptance ratio of any concept or
products. Thus user can compare many concepts/products in much lesser time
and with greater rate of accuracy.
Some quick Business benefits of this approach
1. Consistent results across multiple users and Comprehensive Results
2. Quick overview of the Sentiment
3. Trend Analysis on Sentiments
4. Structured format of Analysis
Target Audience and Revenue Model
Revenue Model
1.User of this app could be charged at a yearly contract of a mere 1$.
2.Main revenue source would be product ads and production suggestions, google ad sense.
3.We can charge e commerce sites for the traffic we inflow to their site from this app.
4.This App can be used as a certification parameter based on the rating we give to products
of ecommerce sites .These ratings would be very dynamic e.g. Weekly ratings. So this can be
alternate source of revenue.

Target Audience
1. Online shoppers.
2. Social media users

Solution Approach can span multiple areas

1. E- commerce,
2. Blog Management,
3. Review management,
4. Social connection sentiment
Closest Available competitor and uniqueness
Frankly speaking Revlyzer itself is its only competitor is this field.

Complete , integrated analysis of unstructured review comments is

only done by Revlyzer.

E commerce sites only classify comments or reviews as positive or

negative but they dont investigate the cause of this sentiment. Only
Revlyzer investigates the cause of positive or negative sentiments
and drills down to bottom of the review to unearth the feature or
component of the product which has lead to positive or negative
comments.Revlyzer gives a timescale view of these component level
sentiment analysis of product reviews thus audience can track the
latest issues with products and compare homogenous products over
heterogeneous sites and thus take smart decision about product
List of Watson APIs/Services to be used
Alchemy API

AlchemyAPI offers a set of services that enable businesses and developers to build applications that
understand the content and context of text in webpages, news articles, and blogs. For instance, using
AlchemyAPI, developers can perform tasks such as extracting the people, places, companies, and other entities
mentioned in any publicly- accessible webpage, posted HTML/text document, or a predefined corpus of news

Natural Language Classifier (NLC)

The Natural Language Classifier service applies cognitive computing techniques to return the best matching
classes for a sentence or phrase. For example, you submit a question and the service returns keys to the best
matching answers or next actions for your application. You create a classifier instance by providing a set of
representative strings and a set of one or more correct classes for each training. After training, the new classifier
can accept new questions or phrases and return the top matches with a probability value for each match.
Tone Analyzer

People show various tones, such as joy, sadness, anger, and agreeableness, in daily communications. Such
tones can impact the effectiveness of communication in different contexts. Tone Analyzer leverages
cognitive linguistic analysis to identify a variety of tones at both the sentence and document level. This insight
can then used to refine and improve communications. It detects three types of tones, including emotion
(anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness), social propensities (openness, conscientiousness, extroversion,
agreeableness, and emotional range), and language styles (analytical, confident and tentative) from text.
Cases and scenarios with use of Watson APIs
Case 1:

Suppose if you want to buy mobile .You look into comments section of that mobile in any
e-commerce site. There you would hardly read 5 -10 recent buyer comment and you might
be influenced by previous buyers language. You might not notice that those comments came in
last 10-15 days, and the comments for last 15-30 days suggested some major defect in the
phones camera. In this scenario you were misguided by some initial good comments buy the

But if you use Revlyzer then you can do component level(Eg .Phone Screen ,Battery, OS,
Camera) sentiment analysis over a period of time from the buyer comments and it will also
provide cross portal comparison option also. Revlyzer would use Alchemy api to find keyword
like (Battery , Camera, OS) and the related sentiment and will do a time series analysis on the
data. It will also use tone analyzer to understand the tone and mood of the buyer so that you
are not misguided by rogue comments. On top of everything NLC would be use to classify
defect pattern( Eg. battery heating, battery low, battery blown) and help you narrow down the
component level view about the product and the pros and cons related to each component
over a period of time.
Case 2 :

Suppose u want to know the latest trends in buying a Smart TV, Naturally you
would be confused as various brands would launch Smart TV with almost same
configuration each month. But these Tvs would not have same performance level.

Hence the only way to know about the ground level performance of these
commodities, you need to take help of some smart tool like Revlyzer, which would
provide you a integrated view of the buyers response. You just need to mention
product category and bare minimum specs then Revlyzer would get all recent
views about that product from social networking sites and E commerce site .
These reviews would be categorically feed to Alchemy api for keyword based
sentiment analysis. Further fine tuning of Alchemy result would be done by NLC
and Tone analyzer. Thus within seconds you would get a comparative view of the
product category with credit rating provide by Revlyzer . Then its just a childs
play to choose the best according to credit rating.

Name: Somnath Khamaru

Profession: J2EE Developer
Startup Role: Owner(Full Stack)