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June 2012

Writing A Magazine
LO1: Identify the elements of magazine
LO2: Plan an article, using a previously
studied text as a stimulus.
1.What are magazine articles for?
2.Whats their point?
3.How/Why do they differ from
newspaper articles?
4.What are the key things to consider
when writing an article for a
Style and Structure of Magazine Articles

Make notes on the following information:

- Like newspapers, magazines use headlines and sub-headings to

attract and inform the reader.

- Magazines, however, are more free in their layout and style. They are
more likely to use:
* Bullet points
* Anecdotes
* Personal opinions
* Humour

- Similarly, the language is less conventional than that used in

newspapers (Remember that this is dependent on the audience)
* Certainly magazine articles aimed at young people can use slang,
abbreviations, trendy/modern phrases and specialised vocabulary.
* Phrases such as 'listen up', 'check this' or 'big it up for' would sound
okay in a teen magazine article but less convincing in a newspaper!
TASK 2: Read through the
Controlled Assessment Plan.

1.Highlight the key information in it.

2.Choose a poem on which you will base
your writing.
3.Begin to plan your assignment, making
notes on what you will talk about, and how
you will structure your article.