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Independent Research

Presentation: Cyber Security

By: Vidur Gupta

Period 2
Marriotts Ridge Offers Two
Independent Research
Intern Mentor G/T
Independent Research G/T
Have an advisor, but usually do not intern
Choose your own topic
Prepare for college level research
32 annotated bibliographies & Final Product

& 7-10 page paper

Topics other Individuals in my
Class are studying

Hassan Ansari David Zhang

Smart phones & teen socialization Antibiotic resistant diseases

Economic & political factors in

Chesapeake Bay cleanup
Formulating My Research
Computer Science

Research Question
What is the most comprehensive and effective
plan that software companies can develop and
put in effect to reduce security breaches in
their companies?
Software Companies, such as Adobe and
Plan to reduce security breaches
Security Breaches can cause many dangerous
problems, and leakage of personal information,
such as Credit Card and Social Security

Mr. Ken McCreedy

The Cyber Security Association
of Maryland
How My Advisor Has
Helped Me
Provided me with many resources to better
research and understand the problems of
Cyber Breaches throughout the world
Was able to personally undergo an interview

with my advisor and understand current

issues involving my topic
My Research Topic
Cyber Security is an increasingly dangerous
issue throughout the world and will continue
to become a danger as technology evolves
How Cyber Security Affects
Society Today
Breaches in Security can lead to leakage of
Personal Information, such as Social
Security Numbers and Credit Card
Weebly Breach, which has affected our class

Current Events relating to
Cyber Security
Democratic National Committee was hacked
by Russian Hackers, and their emails were
Estonia had started a war with the Russians,

and Russian Hackers nearly brought Estonia

down to its knees from many dangerous
Cyber Attacks
Now Estonia had to rebuild their

infrastructure from the ground up with built

in Cyber Security, such as Citizen Data
Simple Solutions for Cyber
Solutions do not have to be complicated and simple

habits can greatly assist in facing the problem of Cyber

Creating secure passwords will greatly help in reducing

security breaches throughout society.

In addition to other solutions, such as keeping your

applications updated will allow new security

vulnerabilities to be sealed because corporations
continually put forward updates to seal security issues
they may find.
Updating passwords regularly will often cause hackers

to get past password information and cause them to

not be able to login into your account.
More Complex Solutions
Turning on the option of two factor
authentication, which allows individuals to verify
their identity through another device, whether
that be through their cell phone or laptop, and
greatly minimize their chances of being hacked
Deeper cyber security solutions, such as
upgrading security to have less vulnerability
Corporations should pay more funding towards
security and multiple layers of security to
ensure that breaches are very unlikely in their

Ms. Stacey Smith

Ms. Laura Taylor Cyber Security
President and CEO Relevant Association of Maryland,
Technologies, Inc Inc. (CAMI)
I have researched solutions for Cyber
Security issues for Software Companies and
what plans can be put forward to reduce
security breaches in these companies.
I have discussed why this is a large issue

throughout the current world today

Finally, I discussed my solution plans to face

these Cyber Security Issues

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