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AP World History

Mid-Eastern Asia
Sheree Menephee Christian Neloms
Carmen Ford Cheney Hernandez
Ricardo Hernandez
Why do we Mid-Eastern Asia supplies the

study this world a wide range of resources

that are traded amongst the
United States and other
region? countries

We study the different types of

Why should we continue? government styles that can be
found in this region
Brunei and Cambodia
East Timor and Indonesia
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Vietnam and Malaysia
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Myanmar and Philippines
Economic Social Political eNvironmental

Myanmar: Myanmar: Myanmar: Myanmar:

The GDP has decreased Myanmar is a part of the They currently have a Major natural mineral
over the course of 5 World Trade Organization Republic govt. resources:
years starting with 7.3% (WTO) and the Association (Parliamentary republic, Oil, gas, gemstones, forest
to 6.4%. of Southeast Asian Nations. Constitutional republic, products, hydropower
(ASEAN) Unitary state, Pres. system) potential, etc.
This is the 35th largest Philippines: Philippines: Philippines:
economy in the country, The United States is one of They have many major Major natural mineral
right under Korea. the Philippines top trading political parties: Nationalist resources:
partners. Party(NP), Nationalist Coal, cobalt, copper, gold,
Peoples Coalition(NPC), iron, natural gas, nickel,
Kilusang Bagong petroleum, salt, silver, and
Lipunan(KBL), etc. sulfur.
Singapore and Thailand
Economic: Singapore:Due to the financial crisis in 2009 the GPA has decreased by 0.6% but has increased in 2010 but it's
predicted to drop by 3% due to the fact that the demand for exports.

Social: Singapore: They trade with major trading partners such as Malaysia, China, and South Korea

Political: Singapore:Their form of state is Parliamentary democracy and Tan Keng Yam is the head of state.

Environment: Singapore :Their environmental situation includes air, water pollution and urbanisation and deforestation.

Economic:Thailand: Thailand has had a strong economy but began to have a decrease in 2013-2015 of 8%. Thailand is beginning
to recover from the slow global demand and is expected to increase by 2018.


Political:Thailand: Their form of state is a Constitutional Monarchy

Environment:Thailand: Thailand has been having and environmental issues for a while. They have been dealing with water and air
pollution also with wildlife decline and hazardous waste.
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