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Panthers: Art

Andre Desir
In memory of team founder Art Rooney, the Steelers, with the help of others in the
community, have established a memorial scholarship for a deserving student at three high
schools -- Oliver, Perry and North Catholic. This is located on the north side where Rooney
lived most of his adult life.
Art Rooney was the founding owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, an American football
franchise in the National Football League (NFL), from 1933 until his death. Rooney is a
member of the NFL Hall of Fame, was an Olympic qualifying boxer, and was part or whole
owner in several track sport venues and Pittsburgh area pro-teams. He was the first
president of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1933 to 1974, and the first chairman of the team
from 1933 to 1988. The scholarship started shortly after his death.
What do they Support?
The charity supports the youth of the community. They support them in their college level of education.Their main
function is to grant out scholarships. The charity picks well deserving, underprivileged youth and their families with the
purpose, desire, and resources to give their best efforts in all they do throughout their lives.

The charity creates after school programs to help the youth with school work things. The charity also develops scholarships for
well deserving, hardworking students. Again, this is the charitys main function. The charity picks a student from 3 schools: Oliver,
Perry and North Catholic high schools.They can offer $10,000 or more to each student. They will help them and see their work
ethic. Usually, the schools recommend these students to the charities, and the charities will choose based off of that.
Event Fundraisers
There are 3 main fundraisers to the Rooney scholarship, and they contribute in a big way. The first is the Steelers 5k race, sponsored by
Gatorade. Participants run in a 5k race near the north side of town, and throughout pittsburgh. This race helps to raise active participants, and
raises money.

The second fundraiser is the the fitness walk, which is similar to the 5k. The difference is one in jogging.running, and the other is walking. Again,
they raise active participants, thus raising money.

The third fundraiser they have is the Kids Kickoff Run. This is basically where they let the kids run around. I don't know what they do, but it helps
raise money. Each of these fundraisers is held annually, every Labor day Weekend.
Who is in Charge?
There is no one specifically who runs the charity itself. This means there
is no one specifically the leader, or in charge of the charity.

However, the steelers organization itself runs the charity. This is good
because it gets the team involved in such an important event for young
youth wanting to pursue college.