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Challenges for

How to prepare students for
the future

Mirza Yawar Baig

Opening the world, one mind at a time

Work Experience:
International Speaker, Trainer, Author, Coach,
Leadership Consultant with 16 years in Corporate
Member Consultant Panel:
General Management, 30 years in Training &
Organizational Development, specializing in Family
GE Corporate University, Crotonville
Business Consulting & Entrepreneurship
Oracle Corporate University, CA
AMA International, New York
Director / Professional Member: Andersen Corporate University, MN
Center for Conflict Resolution & Human Security India
Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science Osmania University, Hyderabad
SVP National Police Academy, Hyderabad
SSB Academy, Gwaldam, Uttar Akhand
1994: Founded LBS Academy of Administration, Mussoorie
IIM-A , P-CMM, MBTI, WSA, ISABS Clients Include:
GE, Oracle, Motorola, Microsoft, IBM, Digital-Compaq, National
Semiconductor, Unilever, BSNL, Tata Indicom, Colgate, Asian
Books: Paints, Siemens, Wartsila, MphasiS, CavinKare, EXL Service,
The Business of Family Business World Bank, ICRISAT, World Fish, Tata Corporate, J & J,
An Entrepreneurs Diary Accenture, Zeneca Seeds, Shanta Biotech, Advanta, Reuters,
Hiring Winners Air India, Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo, Olam, Regal Beloit, Reliance
Leadership Lessons from the Life of Rasoolullah World, NIS Sparta, AMKA, Emami Group, Suzlon, JP Morgan,
Leadership is a Personal Choice SEW Infrastructure, Rahim Afroze, Expolanka, Brandix
To teach the child to
succeed in a future that
you know nothing about
Think of your role
For how many of you is it a parent or
a teacher?
What would your children / students

say if I were to ask them the same


The challenge is to inspire those

who we have the maximum facetime
Why do you teach?
1. History?
2. Geography?
3. Mathematics?
4. Do your exam questions
reflect this?
if you taught keeping the real purpose in m
d to
t slaves
Define the Product
Method will depend on the
What question do we
What was your rank? (Mark
What did you learn?

surprise that 85% of engineers are unemploy

Define your role
Teaching him about flying
Teaching him to fly
Most important need
Define our product: What are we trying to
What you need to create a plane is not
the same as what you need to create a
Changes must be made in both What and
u cant build an aircraft in a locomotive fact
Assessment Parameters
Using knowledge What new inventions?
New knowledge What new publications?
Leveraging Knowledge What impact in

Financial benefit is a byproduct

Our successful system
Rewards compliance
Punishes investigation, questioning,
Focused on stuffing the head with random
bits of information not on opening the
door to lifelong learning
Tests random recall in a specific time
window - exams
many children read text books after the ex
The Tragedy
Is that our system is highly
21st Century Leadership
To help them to thrive in a
world we know nothing
If a system is to be
judged by its results,
what should we say about
our education system
looking at its result our
Leadership through Education

What it is and what it can do

Real education
Based on two principles:
1. Responsibility for what you hold in

2. Desire to make a positive

Our global problems today are not

due to lack of resources but lack of

cure for that is a live conscience
1. Accepting responsibility for others,
adds value to us. After all that is what
we seek all through our careers
2. Enables us to rise above our base
desires and invokes the best in us
3. Is the only way to leave a legacy of
t takes courage to accept responsibility
Make a positive difference
1. Helping others to succeed
2. See value in it for yourself
3. Payback for what we received
build the bridge after crossing the

WiiFM is a station everyone

What we need

Questi Challe Chang

on nge e

When was the last time that you

rewarded a student for disagreeing
What we produce

Contin Compl
ue y

We reward compliance and punish questioning

What we must encourage


But we demand conformity and

What we must do



But we dampen and punish

Education is not the
accumulation of random
bits of information, no
matter how complex.
Challenges for Educators
21st Century and Beyond
Food for Thought
A forking time in history is a time
of great instability. But it is the only
time when the puny effort of a
single man or woman can change
the path of destiny.

to apply effort you need to know the right direc

Perspective is the ability to hold two
pictures simultaneously in your mind
where you are and where you want to be.
Growth happens because where you want
to be is more important to you than where
you currently are.

ut perspective you can never know the right dir

Changes thanks to the
Industrial Revolution
1760-1820/40 to 2015
Industrial Revolution changed

1. Time of day: Sun to shift bell

2. Parental role: Life coach to wage earner
3. Source of knowledge: Parent to Teacher
4. Concern: Collective to individual

re all part of this not standing outs

To deal with rapid disruptive change

Future change will take years where

past change took centuries
Changes Industrial Revolution
1.Goals: Primarily non-monetary to
2.Success: Long term to short term
3.Human value: Honor to money
4.Net worth: Learning and Character to
Bank balance
5.Progress: Rapid continuous growth in
net worth
Knowledge Workers
Huge increase in technology: Workers from developing
Complexity: Migration to developed countries
Formal education required
Manual worker today needs technical education
Higher expectations and demands
Higher spending potential
Change of values, ethics, morals, culture, focus,
aspirations, education
essons from Industrial revolution in social chang
Key Questions
1. Do we see ourselves as Key Influencers?
2. What is the evidence of that in what we
teach and how?
3. What is our connection to the real world
to ensure relevance?
4. What are our metrics of success?

hat you dont measure, you cant know or guarante

With respect to Change: To
Survive Adapt
Grow Anticipate
Transform Drive / Initiate

So what do we need to change?

Global Challenges
Of the new world
The first commercial text
message was sent in 1992

Today (2015) the total number of

text messages exchanged is 350
billion exceeds the entire
population of the planet by 5 times
(7 Billion)
Years to reach an audience of
50 million

38 years 4 years 13 years

3.5 years

3 years 35 days
Number of internet

In 1984 1000

2016 (projected)

There are
1,025,109 words
in English (2015)

In 1950 it was
Researchers have developed
a new fibre optic technology
capable of transferring data
at a rate of 255 terabits per
second (Tbps)

- more data than the total traffic

flowing across the internet at peak
So what does it
all MEAN for
you as a
Essence of it all
Faster and easier access to information
Hugely enhanced computation power
Huge information storages
Hugely fast searches
Potential to forecast scenarios, prepare
for eventualities, predict outcomes,
Potential to control, influence, track, help,
network, leverage, surveillance, security,
Operative Questions
What are our criteria of judgment?
What values will drive our decisions?

What is the cost of change?

What is the price of not changing?

What demands will the new

generations have?
How will these be fulfilled?
Integrated Teaching
A brief glimpse
Integrated Holistic Teaching
Connectivity: Show links between
Utility: Show how these apply in
real life
Curiosity: Raise questions
What do the majority of students
do with text books once the course
Class Room
Students of multiple ages
Several teachers subject wise +

class teacher
Self-learning and discovery

Teachers provide support only

Text books dumb down knowledge. Teach

original texts
Project: Oceans
Biology: Marine plants & animals
Physics: Displacement floats ships
Chemistry: Why is sea water salty?
Geography: Navigation, Orienteering, sailing,
Engineering: Ship building
History: Maritime history of nations, colonial
Trade: Routes, goods, cultural & population
changeknowledge applied in context
Project: Mountains
Geology: Isostacy of mountains:
Stabilizing effect
Geography: How mountains effect
Biology: Mountain flora & fauna
History: How mountains affected history
of nations
Draw lessons to connect to
Recognize the
problem and seek
O! Teacher, stop

And start learning

Daily Self-assessment
Start discovering, learning, enjoying.
Start appreciating that the student is

the best thing that happened to you

and every single day try to become
the best thing that happens to him or
If you want to know what someone values, see
what they measure. ~ Mikel Harry (Motorola, 6 Sigma Quality)
Ushers not teachers
Teachers must never teach.
They must be like ushers in a vast
museum, walking quietly with their
students tiptoeing behind them, opening
one door after another letting them take
a peek and then handing them the key
to the door so that they can come back
and explore in detail.
Is every day exciting?
Give them the keys
The teacher then takes them to
another door for another peek and
another key. See??
Imagine how exciting that is for the

The teachers job is to give them the
Teaching is about asking
questions and teaching them
Ask questions
Reward the best question
The teacher who gives answers has

Let them find the answers and be

prepared for answers you didnt ever

think about
The best question is the one that
left you speechless
Its not about
Teaching is about
keeping the
excitement of
learning alive all
Our present system of teaching discrete
subjects from text books, dictating notes,
model question papers and cramming
factories to pass exams from the
perspective of real EDUCATION
So what are we really trying to achieve?

nd we actually reward this violen

What do you call?
Someone who studied something full time
for 15 years?
What do you call someone who passes the
12th exam?
So what was achieved in 15 years of

And we actually get paid for it

Do you really want to
1.What is the cost of changing?
2.What is the cost of not changing?
3.What will be easy?
4.What will be difficult?
5.What are you willing to do to make it
sults are directly proportional to effo
Success is a process of
connecting aspirations
to reality


Ambivalence Passion
If you want to be
successful you must
respect one rule:
Never lie to
1. Specific
2. Measurable
3. Actionable
4. Realistic
5. Time bound
What is my
Start Stop Continue
1. 1. 1.

2. 2. 2.

3. 3. 3.
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