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Wind Energy (The

Great Energy
By: Monique Akpa
What is it?
Wind Energy is a form of solar energy in which wind is used to generate
electricity through kinetic energy.

We typically generate the energy through wind turbines.

History of Wind Energy
During World War ll the largest wind turbine was in vermont. It gave power
to local utility sites.

Due to cheap oil prices wind power was laid off.

Once oil prices began to travel up again it sparked an interest for different
ways of finding energy sources. This reintroduced wind energy back into
the picture.
Where can wind energy be
Wind turbines can be found in wind farms.

They are typically located across the U.S. and even in Holland. However,
they are typically in the rural parts of the U.S.
Renewable or NonRenewable?
Since wind energy is generated without polluting the atmosphere it is
considered as renewable. The also create power without the help of fossil
fuels, radioactive, or toxic waste.
Generally, wind turbines are funded by the government through taxpayer
money. However wind turbines cost roughly $3,000 to $8,000 dollars per
Harmless to the Earth

Very energy efficient

Wind is inexhaustible meaning that we will always have abundance of wind



Creates jobs

Clean fuel source

Doesnt use water

Threat to wildlife because birds may fly and get hit.


Wind can never be predicted

Safety concerns because if a turbine falls or blows up it can kill many

Examples of Usage
Power boats

Battery charging

Commercial electricity

General everyday use

Is the Energy source a solution to U.S.
energy crisis?
Wind energy is definitely a solution to U.S energy crisis because it is cost
efficient and it is harmless to the Earth.