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Section 1: Foundations

Module 5: Modifying Data

Module Objectives
After completing this module you will be able to:
Create data via the UI
Undo and redo changes to records
Merge records
Attach files
Review actions on records

Why you need to know

To successfully manage data in your Siebel database

Inserting Records
Insert Record creates a brand new record, not associated to any other
records on the database
Ways to insert a new record:
From the Edit menu

From the Toolbar

Shortcut Key
Ctrl + I

Adding New Records
Add New Record
Associates a new record to an existing record on the database OR
Creates a brand new record
Ways to add a new record:
From the Toolbar From the Edit menu Right-click

Shortcut Key
Ctrl + N

Copying Records
Copy record allows for duplication of record information
Ways to copy a record:

From the Edit menu

From the Toolbar Right-click

Shortcut Key

Committing Record to the Database
To commit a record to the database, step off the record by
Selecting another record
Selecting another area on the screen

Using Field Controls to Assist with Input
Use pop-ups to assist with adding values

Date field control Number field

provides calendar control provides
pop-up calculator pop-up

Multi-line edit
field provides full
text entry pop-up

Adding a Single Value
Use picklists to assist with adding single values

Choose a value
from a Static

Choose a value or create a

new value in a Pick applet

Adding Multiple Values
To add multiple field values, you may

Add them using a Multi-Value

Group (MVG) applet for one-
to-many relationships

Associate them using

an Association applet
for many-to-many

Deleting a record removes it from the database
When deleting, a confirmation window can be set to appear before
committing the action

A record can only be undeleted if undo is the next action after


Undo/Redo/Undo Record allows you to undo or redo
Field changes made within a record in a form or list applet
One record in a list applet

Available from
Edit menu.
and Toolbar

Merge Records
Merge transfers data efficiently, eliminating duplicates without losing
related information
To merge records, user must be owner or hold primary position on
team assigned to all records being merged
Merged records cannot be unmerged

Jon Doe leaves ABC:

Jane Smith is new
Acct: ABC Acct: ABC Acct: ABC
Contact: Jon Doe Contact: Jane Smith Contact: Jane Smith
Demo Send Literature Send Literature
2/15/00 2:00 p.m. 2/1/00 2/1/00
Follow-up call Follow-up call
2/8/00 2/8/00
2/15/00 2:00 p.m.

About Merging
Many records can be merged into one record
Hold the CTRL key to select multiple records
Hold the SHIFT key to select contiguous records
The last record selected is the record that will remain after the merge
is completed, and is shown by the > symbol

message will
displaying the
record to remain
after the merge is

Using Attachments
To move attachments into a Siebel application

Drag and drop file of any

type into any Attachment

Pointer to a static, compressed copy of

attachment is created and stored in the
Siebel File System

Reviewing Actions on a Record
Use Help About Record to review actions on records

Who created it
and when

Number of times it
has been modified
Who last modified it
and when

Avoiding Duplicate Entries
When a record is written to the database, values in the unique
identifier are compared
If values in
identifier are not
unique, an error
message appears

Click OK, then

change the record to
make it unique

In this module you have learned how to:
Create data via the UI
Undo and redo changes to records
Merge records
Attach files
Review actions on records

Lab 1
Basic data maintenance
Lab 2
More data maintenance
Lab 3
Deleting data and reviewing actions

Lab Review
Review observations, comments, and issues that arose during the lab
Discuss the solutions to the questions asked