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Social Security Act

4.05 Honors

Overview • A federal insurance program that provides benefits to retired people and those who are unemployed or disabled. The Social Security Act was enacted August 14. The Act was an attempt to . 1935. Roosevelt's first term by the President's Committee on Economic Security. under Frances Perkins. The Act was drafted during President Franklin D. and passed by Congress as part of the New Deal.

What is the impact of this program on price stability.6% of the total federal budget is spent on Social Security. C. Also social security assists many people who impacted by an unforseen situation. Questions B. . What is the yearly cost to the American taxpayer? What is the historical cost data? -The American taxpayer pays 4. while the employer pays 6. however it does have an impact towards full employment and economic growth . D. full employment. What percent of the total federal budget is spent on this program relative to other programs? -Relative to other programs. E. and economic growth? -Social Security has not had an impact on price stability.2% each time under your name. Who benefits from this program and how? -The main group of Americans who benefit from Social Security are the disabled and the elderly.2% of their wages each payday. 22.

Some professionals are against the program because it is to be believed that there will not be enough funds in the future. I understand there are millions of people who feel cheated that they are paying to support other families when they . congress should continue to fund the Social Security program. What is the potential impact beyond the direct payment recipient? -Some people use Social Security as their only source of income while others do not use it until they are retired. Continued F. It also is difficult for some Americans to comprehend that without social security many of these families would not be able to live G. What are the professional opinions in support of and against the program? .In my opinion. There are some people who rely on Social Security as their only source of income.

Continue Funding Social • While there haveSecurity been many arguments for reasons to discontinue the funding of social security. it is probably true that some people take advantage of the system. However. Yes. I think it is very ignorant to believe that funding these families with little to no income is not important. Also if it us or one of our loved ones put in a situation where they can no longer work because of a severe injury we would want to closure of knowing they will have some sort of income. Statistics say that about 56 . Social Security is not a perfect system but it is a necessary one. putting good people who are in need on the streets to die is not okay. We have no idea what hardship put them in their current situation.

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