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Lizzy Bulla
Mr. Girba
English 1H
Period 4
What allusion was made in Sabrina
the Teenage Witch?
An allusion to Shakespeares Othello was used in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, called

- Sabrina becomes jealous of Harvey and Brads close friendship. Her envy builds, and her eyes literally
turn green as she develops a syndrome called Jealotosis. She becomes the green eyed monster.
Then, Salem teaches her that she must be happy for other people who have what she wants in order to
Where is this allusion
- This reference comes from act 3, scene 3 of Shakespeares Othello.

- The hero, Othello is convinced by Iago that his lieutenant, Cassio is

having an affair with his wife. He ends up killing his wife, and then
killing himself after apologizing to Cassio for believing Iagos lies.

- Othello shows many ideas of jealousy. Jealousy is shown when Othello

kills both his wife and himself, because he is convinced that his wife,
Desdemona is being unfaithful with another man called Cassio. He is
jealous of Cassio.

- Another example would be the resentment between Iago and Cassio.

Iago is jealous of Cassio because Othello chose Cassio as his lieutenant
instead of him. Iago insinuates that Cassio is having an affair with
Desdemona, which ultimately leads to Desdemonas demise.

Oh, beware, my- lord,

In Act 3,of
Scenejealousy! It is the
3, Iago says to Othello:

green-eyed monster which doth mock the

meat it feeds on.
Why was this allusion In Othello...

This quote is used to explain that jealousy is a green eyed monster who devours its victims. Basically saying that jealousy
easily takes over a human, being the only thing a person can think about and comparing jealousy to a monster.

In Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The quote from Shakespeare is not directly said in the episode, however the green eyed monster that is referenced, manifests
itself when Sabrina develops a case of jealotosis (jealousy). This allusion is used to show that Sabrina is literally becoming
this green eyed monster, because she is jealous. In this episode, the green eyed monster which represents jealousy in
Shakespeares Othello, is represented as Sabrina when her eyes glow with green as she is jealous over Harvey and Brads
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