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Objective New Leadership Paradigm

The aim of this presentation is to put forward the teams finding on the theory
of New Leadership Paradigmn learning system.

Leading an organisation is infinitely more complex than leading a team.

When we lead an organisation, we need to be able to create the conditions
that allow us, our leadership team, and all of our employees to find fulfilment,
and also meet all your stakeholders needs customers (student, parents,
and the local communities where operated, and society in general.

This means, as the leader of an organisation, we need to care about people

just as much as we care about results. our team, and everyone who works in
our organisation, as well as all stakeholders, need to know that we have their
best interests at heart.
Objective New Leadership Paradigm

Leading a team or any group of people with a common goal or purpose

is obviously not the same as leading ourselves. It requires significantly
more skills and capabilities.

Just as we learned to create the conditions for our own fulfilment in the
leading-self module of the leadership development programme, we are
now going to learn how to create the conditions for a group of people to
find their individual and collective fulfilment by becoming a high
performing team. Ultimately, it s all about excellence, performance, and
getting results.
Objective New Leadership Paradigm

Our job as team leader is to get the best out of our people by helping
them find fulfilment and creating a strong team spirit. Who we are as an
individual and the level of progress we have made on leading ourselves
will significantly influence our ability to be an effective team leader.

flour has a rising agent in it. So if you didnt use

flour it wouldn't be a cake because there
would be no raising agent.

cake flour is great for making cakes and other baked

goods because it gives you a very tender result.
This is because it has such a low protein content
compared to other flours (all purpose flour is usually
around 10%) and less gluten is formed when you mix
it with butter, producing a cake with a fine, soft, even

In a cake, fats in the butter help to

make the cake smooth, and tastes
better. It also allows the cake to
be kept longer

Eggs provide richness, colour, protein and tenderness. Beaten egg

whites provide extra volume and air. Most egg replacers in the market
will provide instructions for replacing whole eggs and egg whites. Eggs
also act as binding agents
SUGAR the sugar is added to cakes to make
it taste sweeter and let other things
in cake feed on it.
Top management


Support staff

Imagine the student is the base of the cake,
without student there will be no organization,
thats why student is very important to school
The second layer, we have the support staff such
as clerk, technician, lab assistant and
many more ,
without them the top management and
teachers will always be busy doing
many additional jobs at the same time.
The third layer is the teacher.
The teachers job is to educate
student, provide meaningful lesson
to student in order to achieve
success in their life.
without support from teacher,
there is no one that
could educate the student.
the top layer , is the top management.
Top management at school consist of
principal, followed by the 3 vice principals,
and then head of teachers department .
If one of them are not doing their
management job well, so the school may face
a serious problem

All of them should work

together in order to achieve
the same goal .
Communication in our leadership cake acts as the flour in regular cake :
flour has a rising agent in it. So if a pricipal didnt use communication in
our organization like a flour in your cake so it wouldn't be an organization.

The one common ingredient the worlds greatest leaders share is

that they are all exceptional communicators.

They have the ability to convey a message and consistently resonate

and engage deeply with their audiences.

We can relate the principal as the worlds greatest leader. The principal
should have the ability to communicate with teacher, support staff and
also student.

As a principal , if he/she have a spoonful too much communication,

he/she will run the risk of being overpowering and losing the message.

A spoonful too few, and he/she may not be understood by their subordinates
Authentic in our leadership cake acts as butter in regular cake: add fats
which make the cake smooth, and taste good. It also lets the cake to be kept

As a principal he/she must be authentic (unique/ original). If he/she say

and do what they genuinely believe, they are authentic.

If they have a spoonful too much, it will appear that they are trying too hard
and they may lose impact.

A spoonful too few, and they will not have the credibility and conviction
they need to manage the school organization.

To conclude, He / she must adopt his/her on how to manage their

school so that the subordinate will like him/ her personality. By then,
all of them will have the same direction to achieve a goal.
knowledge in our leadership cake acts as the sweet in regular cake: It is
a sweetening agent similar like knowledge.

As a principal , he/she must have knowledge because

knowledge is a power especially in handling school organization.

In every organization, the principal should know how to distribute each

staff member based on staff knowledge and expertise towards
reaching the goal.

If A spoonful too much knowledge towards the staff , for example

if principal knows the problem that the staff is facing, uncomfortable will
occur among staff and it will cause the productivity of the staff become

A spoonful too few will mean school organization may lack the
competitive edge needed.
Empathy in our leadership cake acts as the eggs in regular cake: It is a
binding agent that helps everything else stick together.

Empathy means that he/she is trying to put themselves in other shoes.

As a principal now requires that they need to listen actively and engage
more fully throughout the organization, which helps them to develop
empathy and cohesion.

A spoonful too much empathy will mean that he/she may stray into
sympathy and add to a problem. While this can be very supportive,
leaders have to balance their empathy to avoid getting too close.

A spoonful too few will have his/her teams not believe them and do not
really understand their vision, and the subordinate are less likely to be
supportive on them.
Cake theory (new leadership paradigm)

From ordinary cake transform to beautiful cake ( adding colour,

icing, some accessories) added value to school

The concept of transformational leadership was initially introduced by

James MacGregor Burns.

According to Burns, transformational leadership can be seen when

"leaders and followers make each other to advance to a higher level of
morality and motivation."

Through the strength of their vision and personality, transformational

leaders are able to inspire followers to change expectations,
perceptions, and motivations to work towards achieving the same goals

Unlike in the transactional approach, it is not based on a "give and

take" relationship, but on the leader's personality, traits and ability
to make a change through example, articulation of an energizing
vision and challenging goals.

In cake leadership theory,

Principal need to transform from traditional method/style ( ordinary
cake : flour, sugar, egg, butter) to a new method/leadership style
(icing, food colouring, food preservative, accesories traits/added
value that should have in a leader) to ensure that school goals can be

As a leader, principle has to set a vision and goal so that their

follower can understand them, then he/ she must motivate/ inspire
them to achieve the goals .

Just like in making cake, as a chef what we want our student to do,
we clarify it , so that they can see clearly our vision and achieve a
goal ( making delicious and beautiful cake ).

In transformational leadership, the leader( principal ) works to

establish a committed relationship between the leader and the
follower. Like a layer of cake, if one of the layers is broken, then it
would not look like a nice cake.

Todays leaders must deal with continuously, rapid changes. Leader faced
with a major decision can no longer refer back to an earlier developed
plan for direction. Management techniques must continually notice
changes in the environment and organization, assess this change and
manage change. Managing change does not mean controlling it, rather
understanding it, adapting to it where necessary and guiding it when

If you cant lead yourself, then you will not be

able to lead others,
If you cant lead others, then you will not be able
to lead an organisation
If you cant lead an organisation , then you will
not be able to lead a community or nation.