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UG-77 Material Identification

On completed vessel, original identification markings,

or transferred markings or coded markings (traceable
to original) shall be visible on each vessel part
Any marking method which is acceptable to inspector
When service conditions prohibit die-stamping, any
method with positive identification may be adopted
When original markings are unavoidably cut, coded
markings may be adopted which shall be described in
QC system
UG-78 Repair of defects in materials

Method & extent of repair shall be acceptable to

Defective material that cannot be satisfactorily
repaired shall be rejected
UG-84 Charpy Impact Tests

Production Test Coupons

Test plate shall be from one of heats of vessel
For category A joint, test plate shall, where
practicable, be welded as an extension to end of
production joint
For category B joint (welded using different welding
procedure than used on category A joints, test plate
shall be welded under production welding conditions
used for vessel, using same type of equipment and at
same location and using same procedures as used for
joint and it shall be welded concurrently with
production welds or as closed to start of production
welding as practicable
UG-84 Charpy Impact Tests

Production Test Coupon

One test plate for each welding procedure for
categories A & B
For automatic or semi automatic welding, one test
plate in each position
For manual welding, vertical upward welded test
plate qualify for all position.
If PTC fails to meet the impact requirements, welds
represented shall be unacceptable. Reheat treatment
and retesting or retesting only are permitted.
UW-3 Weld joint category

Defines the location of a joint in a vessel

Established for use in specifying joint type and degree
of inspection
Based on service, material and thickness, special
requirements are specified in code
Category A
Category B
Category C
Category D
UW-3 Weld joint category
UW-11 Radiographic & Ultrasonic Examination

Full radiography
All butt welds in shell and heads of lethal service
All butt welds with nominal thickness of weld
exceeds 38 mm or thickness specified elsewhere in
code. Category B & C butt welds in nozzles that
neither exceeds 10 size nor 29 mm wall thickness
do not require radiography
UW-11 Radiographic & Ultrasonic Examination

Spot Radiography
Butt welds of type 1 or 2 of table UW-12 which are
not required to be fully radiographed
If spot radiography is specified for the entire vessel,
RT is not required for category B & C welds in
nozzles or communicating chamber that neither
exceeds NPS 10 nor 29 mm wall thickness
No Radiography
No radiography is required when the vessel or vessel
part is designed for external pressure only or when
the joint design complies with UW-12(C)
UW-26 General

All welding shall be performed in accordance with

Manufacturers WPS in accordance with the
requirements of Sec IX
All welders shall be qualified by Manufacturer in
accordance with the requirements of Sec IX
Assign welder identification symbol
UW-32 Cleaning of surfaces to be welded

Surfaces shall be clean and free of scale, rust, oil,

grease, slag, detrimental oxides and other deleterious
foreign material
When metal is to be deposited over a previously welded
surface, all slag shall be removed by a roughing tool,
chisel, chipping hammer or other suitable means
UW-33 Alignment tolerances

Alignment of sections at edges shall be such that

maximum offset is not greater than limit given in Table
Allowable offset shall be faired at a 3:1 taper over
width of finished weld, or if necessary, by adding
additional weld metal
UW-35 Finished Long & Circ Joints
UW-37 Miscellaneous Welding Requirements
Welder & welding operator identification
Stamp identifying number, letter or symbol on or
adjacent to and at intervals of not more than 1 m
along the welds in steel plates >= 6 mm and for non
ferrous plates >= 13 mm in thickness
Stencil or other marking in welds in steel plates < 6
mm and for non ferrous plates < 13 mm in
Record of welders / WOs employed on each joints
shall be kept
For multiple welds, tube to tube sheet welds, QA
system shall have a procedure to identify welders or
welding operators
UW-51 Radiographic Examination of Welded Joints

Imperfections are unacceptable under following

Any crack or incomplete fusion or penetration
Any elongated indication which has length greater
6 mm for t upto 19 mm
1/3t for t from 19 mm to 57 mm
19 mm for t over 57 mm
UW-52 Spot Examination of Welded Joints

One spot shall be examined for each 15 m increment

Sufficient number of spot radiographs shall be taken to
examine welding of each welder or welding operator
Location of spot shall be chosen by the Inspector
Radiographs required at specific locations to satisfy
rules of other paragraphs shall not be used to satisfy
the requirements of spot radiography
Minimum length of spot shall be 6 inch
UW-52 Spot Examination of Welded Joints

Any crack or lack of fusion/penetration is unacceptable

Any slag inclusions or cavities
with length more than 2/3t shall be unacceptable
If several indications within above limitations are in
line, weld is acceptable if sum of the longest
dimensions of all such indication is not more than t
in length of 6t and if longest indications considered
are separated by at least 3L where L is length of
longest indication
Max. length of longest indication shall be 19 mm
Less than 6 mm shall be acceptable
UCS-57 Radiographic Examination

In addition to UW-11, RT is required for butt welds

which exceed thickness limit specified in Table UCS-57
App 6 - MPE & App 8 - LPE

Acceptance standard
All surfaces to be examined shall be free of
Relevant linear indications
Relevant rounded indications greater than 5 mm
Four or more relevant rounded indication in a
line separated by 1.5 mm or less, edge to edge
Appendix 12 Ultrasonic Examination of welds

Indications characterized as cracks, lack of fusion or

incomplete penetration are unacceptable regardless of
Other imperfections are unacceptable if indications
exceed reference level amplitude and have lengths
which exceed
6 mm for t upto 19 mm
1/3t for t from 19 mm to 57 mm
19 mm for t over 57 mm