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(Selected Companies:
1. IDLC Finance Limited, 2. Robi Axiata
Limited, 3. Pran-RFL Group Limited.

Team Members
Name ID no.

A.M. Abdullah Ibn Hasan 913163034

Farjana Sarker 913163033

Samira Rahman 913163035

Synthia Alam 913163021

Mumtahena Bithi 913163002

Tasnim Saba 913163032

4 Objectives

Recruitment and Selection

Company Overview

Recruitment and Selection process of the


Comparison among 3

5 Company Profile

IDLC Finance Limited

Robi Axiata Limited

Pran -RFL Group Limited

Recruitment and Selection
7 Recruitment and Selection

The purpose of recruitment and selection

Factors affecting recruitment-

1. Internal factors
2. External factors
The Importance of
Effective Recruitment and Selection Process

Loyalty and Productivity
Legal Issues
9 Methods of Recruitment

Direct Method

Indirect Method

Third Party Method

Selection Process
11 Recruitment Process of
Recruitment requisition
Role Profile
Key Responsibilities
Academic Qualification
Required Experience ( Where applicable)
Additional Skill Requirements

Collection & Selection of CV

Sources of Candidates

External sources
Internal sources
Selection Process of IDLC

Arrange oral, written, presentation test

Uses various testing methods
Background & Medical Check
Finalization of Recruitment
14 Recruitment and Selection Procedure
of Robi Axiata Ltd

Personnel File Automation

Collect Cvs online/offline/mail
Calling Selected candidates for written test or
oral Interview
Interview and written exam coordination
Recruitment and Selection Process
15 of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Internal Recruitment
External Recruitment
Factors Affecting Selection Process
of Robi Axiata Ltd.

Organizational Hierarchy
Speed of Decision Making
Employee Pool
17 Pran-RFL Companys
Recruitment and Selection Process

Internal source
External sources
18 Selection Activities of Pran-RFL Company

Screening of candidates
Selection criteria
Written test
Oral interview
19 Selection Activities of Pran-RFL Company

Final selection
Recruitment for contractual
employees and Others
Comparison among
IDLC Finance Limited, Robi Axiata Limited, Pran -RFL Group Limited.

IDLC Finance Limited Robi Axiata Limited Pran-RFL Group Ltd.

Uses bdjobs, LinkedIn and Robi gives job vacancy Extensively uses LinkedIn
Facebook for job vacancy announcements in and Facebook for job
announcements, LinkedIn, Facebook, vacancy announcements
also publishes bdjobs, etc. but they but most of the time
advertisement in print less ads in newspapers. publishes advertisement
media in print media & in
bdjobs or other job
searching website.

IDLC also prefers to collect They prefer online sources RFL uses almost all way
CVs via mail or through like LinkedIn or company to get CVs
other online sources. website career page.
Comparison among
IDLC Finance Limited, Robi Axiata Limited, Pran -RFL Group Limited.

IDLC Finance Limited Robi Axiata Limited Pran-RFL Group Ltd.

recruits employee External recruitment is Internal & External

internally. practiced
Rehires ex employees. Equal opportunity Dont encourage
provider Rehiring ex employees.
Succession planning for
top management
Preliminary Interview Robi usually do their Walk-In interview
Written Test written exam Viva interview
(online/offline) Written Test
Final interview.
Viva board Final selection
Takes 35 to 50 days to Robi gets 60 days to select PRAN-RFL also takes 35
recruit and select their and recruit a candidate for to 50 days to recruit and
potential candidates. their companies. select their potential

Comparison among
IDLC Finance Limited, Robi Axiata Limited, Pran -RFL Group Limited.

IDLC Finance Limited Robi Axiata Limited Pran-RFL Group Ltd.

IDLC also go for job Robi sometimes go Pran-RFL extensively

fairs, college recruiting, for job fairs, but not goes for job fairs.
seminars. etc.. extensively.
It is well recognized that
this group is the biggest
recruiter in the job fair.
Findings & Analysis
IDLC Robi Axiata Ltd.

Robi mostly selects candidates with

IDLC recruitment & selection
previous work experience.
process is quite simple.
Robi sometimes seek help from
external sources for recruitment,
Easy and friendly welcoming the activities that they generally
encourages candidates to join perform in-house.
Less format practiced that may lead to select wrong candidates
Interns are recruited based on
Robi stores candidates CVs for
three months.
24 Findings & Analysis

The company are already facing problems in recruitment and

selection, so they cant always select the best candidates for their
They have antiquated and old recruitment and selection styles,
which is a barrier.
They put a lot of importance to employee referrals.
There is no central interview board in the organization.
25 Recommendations & Comments

IDLC Robi Axiata Ltd.

IDLC should enhance their Make sure that each step

background checking process and of recruitment and
include past employment record, selection must be verified
credit check etc. by a third person.
The company should use If the Vice President feels
structured format of interview that one or more
questions, though should keep candidates are not suitable
some unstructured format too. then he can eliminate them
IDLC should make a larger pool from the list.
of applicants to choose from
before the screening.
Recommendations &

HR dept. must be very cautious to select the most qualified candidates for the
betterment of the company.
The HR manager of this company should try to conduct an ideal recruitment
and selection program.
The HR Manager should take a comprehensive initiative to make all the
recruitment and selection policies well organized and clearly defined.
Make the policies up-to-date, so that best candidate can be selected.
The HR manager should also have a comprehensive follow up of the policies
and practices to ensure that all the things are going alright.
Form a central board for interview.
27 Conclusion

Recruitment and selection processes are almost

same. Approach and way of planning for
recruitment may differ.
We found very similarities but a little variation in
their techniques and process. Though it may not
look as ideal as we have learned, but as the
companies are adjusted and find their methods
effective to select their candidates, so it is good for
their companies as a whole
Improvement has always a way to enhance beauty
of anything.