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For the oral exams you will work with a classmate to enact a spontaneous conversation to complete a task.

[Your instructor will let you know how pairs will be formed. Note, though, that your instructor will require that you
work with a different partner in at least two of the three oral assessments, that is the ECA, Oral Exam #1, and Oral
Exam #2.]
The three possible situations for Examen oral #1 will relate to Cap. A Cap. 3, so review those chapters. See the ECA
PowerPoint for things that you all can do in Spanish based on Cap. A Cap. 2 and then consider what things you can
do and describe due to your hard work in Cap. 3.
For example, you can: make a plan to meet someone by negotiating the realities of your schedules; ask opinions
about different classes and professors when you have to describe what courses to take next semester; describe who
is in a photo of your family and explain who youre the most like; make a list of things to buy for a house or an
apartment, etc. Think about the tasks that you can do now with the language (vocab and grammar) and even
cultural information that youve learned so far! See a sample task on Slide #4!
You and your partner will sign up for a specific time (during class time) to come to your classroom and do your oral
exam; you do NOT to come to class on the other day designated in the calendar for the oral exam. Use that time to
begin to study for the midterm exam!
When you and your partner arrive for your appointment, you will randomly select/be given the topic of your
dialogue and the communicative tasks to include (e.g. discussing options and then making a decision). You will have
two minutes to strategize in any language you choose and then five minutes to converse and complete the task.
Each students performance will be graded according to the criteria on the Oral Exam rubric in the syllabus.
Hora (10-12 min. intervals Nombres de los estudiantes
/ to be completed by
Hora (10-12 min. intervals Nombres de los estudiantes
/ to be completed by
Examen Oral #1
Un dilogo con un compaero de clase sobre los temas de
Captulo A-Cap 3
Cuando Uds. llegan:
leen la situacin
tienen 2 minutos para organizar el dilogo
tienen 5 minutos para hacer el dilogo
Un ejemplo de una situacin
Youre on a flight to Madrid. Have a conversation with a college-age Spanish speaker
next to you in which you:
get to know each other (for example, where youre both from, what youre each
studying, what your families are like, what you like to do in your free time with
family and friends, etc.)
make a plan to do something fun in Madrid (be sure to complete this task using the
information from the conversation!)