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Engineering (HEI)

HiTech Engineering, Inc. (HEI) is a company located in

Minnesota that designs and manufactures a variety of
industrial products. HEI sells its products directly to
existing customers and also uses authorized
distributors around the globe to assist in sales and
distribution. However, it struggles on the analysis of
its market.
The purpose of this analysis is to ascertain the most
appropriate marketing methods to be instituted by the
company in order to yield more leads or those
referrals coming from the advertising materials.

Moreover, thorough analysis, interpretation, and

presentation of data will be conducted using the
various statistical methods available.
Methods & Data
The methods implemented is statistical inferences. It
is ideal because of the nature or type of the data
made available.

The data was solicited from a survey of the clients

where they were informed of the products and
services offered by the company, calling them leads.
The amount of expenditures came from the company
The statistical methods used were:
Multiple regression analysis
Frequency Count

The results showed that the most

efficient form of advertising for the
HEI is postcards because of the
number of the leads it yielded and
the amount spent. Although it is not
the cheapest, it gets better results.
company should continue printing ads on
Magazines, press releases, editorials, and literature.
The printing on these other forms must be reduced
The company should focus more on sending post cards
Table 1: Total leads yielded by each forms of advertising media
Forms of Media Total Leads
Magazine 1265
Postcard 7581
Editorial 782
News Release 1609
Literature 1509

Table 2: Total amount spent for each forms of advertising media

Forms of Media Total Amount Spent
Magazine $64491
Postcard 88614
Editorial 34132
News Release 3404
Literature 6824
Table 3: Average spending per leads yielded by each forms of
Forms of Media Amount Spent Per Leads
Magazine $61.89
Postcard 9.21
Editorial 77.11
News Release 2.69
Literature 18.68

See Case 2 excel sheet for statistical results